‘Venom’ Breaks Record At The Box Office, Brings In $10 Million During Thursday Night Previews

Even though ‘Venom‘ is getting dragged by critics, fans are still coming out to support the Marvel/Sony flick.

The movie earned $10 million during its Thursday night opening, which means it broke the record for the top October preview of all time. It’ll expand into 4,250 theaters on Friday and most experts believe it’ll make around $60 million during its opening weekend, which should be enough to become the top October release in history. ‘Gravity‘ currently holds the record with $55.8 million.

As we mentioned above, Venom has been receiving mostly negative reviews. It has a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Most critics are saying the script is sloppy and a bit predictable; however, others say even though the script could be better, Tom Hardy’s performance in the movie more than makes up for it.

Meanwhile, A Star is Born also opened in select theaters on Thursday. It earned a solid $4.6 million and could make $35 or $40 million this weekend. The rave reviews will certainly help the numbers grow.

Come Sunday/Monday, it’ll be super interesting to see the final totals for both these movies.

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