‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ Releases First Trailer Starring A Kidnapped Fred Savage

Published On November 19, 2018 » 334 Views» By Z-rowe »

Looking to watch something different this holiday season? ‘Once Upon a Deadpool,’ might be the film for you.

The PG-13 take on ‘Deadpool 2‘ features a kidnapped Fred Savage. In the trailer, Deadpool tells Savage, “You’re in a PG-13 version of Deadpool, filtered through the prism of childlike innocence. No one does childlike innocence better than you, Fred. Nobody.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Fred isn’t all that thrilled about starring in this Christmas special. He wanted to star in a Marvel movie, and as he so clearly explains, Deadpool is not Marvel…

“But you’re Marvel licensed by Fox. It’s like if the Beatles were produced by Nickelback. It’s music, but it sucks.”

Ah, a classic Nickelback joke. That’s the Christmas spirit! Once Upon a Deadpool will have a 12 day run inside theaters from December 12 through the 24th. For every ticket sold, $1 will go to the charity Fudge Cancer, AKA F**k Cancer.

Check out the trailer below…




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