The Upcoming Eighth ‘Saw’ Movie Gets A New Name, Find Out What It Is Inside!

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It’s been seven years since the last ‘Saw‘ film was released, and while it did not perform well with critics, it still made over $130 million at the box office against a $17 million budget.

Last year, we learned an eighth movie in the franchise would be coming soon. Originally it was titled ‘Saw: Legacy‘ but just four months before its release, the studio (Lionsgate) decided to change the name to ‘Jigsaw.’

The horror franchise revolves around the character John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw killer, so the new title certainly makes sense. The movie is scheduled to open October 27, 2017 in the United States. It’ll be released worldwide in 2018.

According to Variety, the movie was shot in November of 2016. Laura Vandervoort and Hannah Anderson are set to star. Michael and Peter Spierig directed the film.

Even though the film franchise is no longer respected by the critics, it’s still extremely profitable. In total, the first seven ‘Saw’ films made over $870 million worldwide. That’s pretty freaking great considering the first ‘Saw’ was made on a budget of $1.2 million.




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