Upcoming Comedy ‘Game Night’ Is Surprisingly Getting Great Reviews From Critics

We know the world is focused on Black Panther right now, and rightfully so, but if you need a little break from the land of comic books, maybe you should check out Game Night.

The comedy film, which stars Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams and Kyle Chandler, is set to be released this weekend and it’s getting great reviews from critics. If you saw a trailer for the film a few weeks back and thought, “Oh. It looks like your typical blockbuster comedy,” you might want to think again.

Game Night had an early screening for critics last night in Hollywood, and the reviews coming out are extremely positive. It’s currently sitting at a solid 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics are saying if you watch this at a packed theater, you will not be disappointed because the laughter will be infectious.

Lindsey Bahr from the Associated Press wrote this in her review…

“A charismatic ensemble cast, a sharp script and a few well-placed twists make ‘Game Night’ one of the more enjoyable big studio comedies in recent memory. Attempting to explain why a comedy works is a kind of futile exercise, but this group of actors just works together. They have an easy chemistry with one another that resembles that sort of lived-in friendship that usually only comes across midway through the first season of a sitcom.”

And Sean O’Connell from CinemaBlend writes…

“Game Night doesn’t reinvent the comedy wheel, or push the envelope so far that it changes what’s allowed in a mainstream crowd-pleaser. Instead, it throws darts at the board with unflinching consistency and lands maybe 75 percent of its punchlines. At times, it cooks up shockingly funny and gross bits (the one with the bloody dog that’s shown in the trailer still gets huge laughs, even when you know it’s coming.)”

Basically, if you want to have a good time and laugh your a** off, then this movie will certainly do the trick. If you want to see the next Academy Award winner, well, you might want to wait until November.

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