Universal Pictures Is Trying To Land Tom Cruise’s Rumored Space Movie (THAT WILL ACTUALLY BE SHOT IN SPACE!)

Do you all remember hearing about the crazy report back in May? You know, the report claiming Tom Cruise and filmmaker Doug Liman were hoping to make a movie in space?

Well, it looks like they’re moving forward with the insane idea, and they reportedly have the full cooperation of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and NASA, who will house the production on the International Space Station.

A new report claims Universal Pictures is deep in negotiations to land the project.

This kind of innovation does not come cheap. Sources said the production budget has been set at $200 million in the most optimistic projections. Cruise could earn somewhere between $30 million and $60 million, according to insiders. This would cover his services as a producer and star, and also be comprised of significant first-dollar gross participation over a windfall up front.

And while a $200 million budget is a lot, you have to think about how much buzz this movie would create. People would run to the theater to see this movie. It would be history. The first narrative feature shot in space.

So Universal is probably thinking, “$200 million to make history? Sure, why not.”

By the way, Cruise is 58-years-old. By the time this project starts filming, he could be pushing 60. The dude has to be some sort of robot.

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