Ultra-Violent Red Band Clip from Arnie’s new Film ‘Sabotage’

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Do you remember that ending scene in Commando when Arnold is basically double fisting machine guns, blasting anything in sight, on his way to save his daughter who happened to be Alyssa Milano?  Well in this newly released clip from “Sabotage” you get a taste just how violent this film is going to be.

Arnold plays the leader of a DEA task force who takes on drug cartels.  In this 53 second clip you get to see not only how over the top violent this movie is but you also get a sneak peek at Terrence Howard in a very un-Terrence like role.

This is by no means an Oscar contender but for mindless action and violence, this could be worth the $12 bucks.

Get your 53 seconds worth now for free!  The film is due out March 28th.


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