Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Super Bowl spot & The Stingray?

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Transformers - Age of Extinction 1

In case you took a bathroom break or decided you had enough of the watching Peyton get his assed whipped – we got your back.  We have the Transformers Super Bowl spot that you either missed or need to see again.

Set for a June 27th release in the US we get to see a stronger lead man played by Mark Wahlberg and more over the top action that we crave from Michael Bay.  From the looks of the trailer and the history of the box office receipts, Bay is getting better with time.  T1 banked $700 million worldwide, T2 pulled in a cool $830 million, T3 eclipsed a billion and is now the 6th grossing film of all time.

The expectations for ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ are at an all-time high. [more…]

The trailer shows some new characters and possibly the green matching that guy parachuting in could be that Corvette Stingray that was spotted on set.


Here is the Superbowl Trailer spot below.

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