Transformer Spinoff ‘Bumblebee’ Has Released Its First Trailer, Check Out The Action Inside!

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Just when you thought the ‘Transformers‘ franchise was dead, they find a way to bring it back.

Paramount has just released the first trailer for ‘Bumblebee,’ which is a spinoff of the Transformers franchise, and I hate to admit it…but it actually looks decent.

It looks like this movie is going to be more emotional than any Transformers film we’ve seen in the past, and it makes sense. This new movie was directed by Travis Knight, the filmmaker behind the lovely little film Kubo and the Two Strings.

“The new film, directed by Kubo and the Two Strings filmmaker Travis Knight instead of Michael Bay, is a throwback in lots of ways. It’s set in 1987 rather than the present, and it restores Bumblebee to the form that kids of the ’80s remember best: a bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle.”

It sounds promising. I mean, I could have lived my life just fine without it, but if they’re going to continue the franchise, at least they’re attempting to do something different.

Bumblebee stars Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson, a teenage tomboy who wants a little freedom.

Check out the trailer below. It’s scheduled to hit theaters December 21, 2018, so the studio has a lot of faith in it.

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