The Trailer For ‘IT’ Has Already Been Hit With Multiple Parodies, Check Out Our Favorite Inside: Cat in The Hat Edition!

Published On April 3, 2017 » 1175 Views» By Z-rowe »

The trailer for Stephen King’sIT‘ was released last week and it scared millions of people, mostly because clowns are freaking terrifying. It’s easy to scare people with a clown.

But what happens when you take the clown out of the trailer and replace him with Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat? Well, surprisingly…it’s even more creepy.

The fan-made parody trailer you see below replaces the shots of Pennywise with the lovable(?) Dr. Seuss character.

It makes sense. When the 2003 live-action film was released, many people pointed out how creepy Myers’ Cat in the Hat was. I remember having nightmares for at least a week after watching the movie, and now those nightmares will probably return.

By the way, the original trailer for ‘IT’ broke all kinds of records. It got nearly 200 million views in just 24 hours, which smashes the record (139 million) that was previously held by the first Fate of the Furious trailer.

IT will be released at a theater near you September 8, 2017.

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