Toy Story 4 Was Secretly Being Written Before Toy Story 3 Hit Theaters

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When ‘Toy Story 3‘ hit theaters back in 2010, everyone thought it would be the last film in the Toy Story franchise. During the press tour for the third movie, the Pixar team claimed this was the end of the franchise.

Well, Toy Story 4 will hit theaters this weekend, which makes us wonder…were they lying to us? Not exactly.

According to a new report, most everyone on the Pixar team had no idea there was going to be a fourth film. They truly thought Toy Story 3 was the end.

Little did they know screenwriter Andrew Stanton was secretly writing the fourth film while they promoted the third.

The director of this fourth film, Josh Cooley, had this to say about the secret writing session…

Andrew Stanton one of the writers, who’s written on all the Toy Story films, one of the godfathers of Toy Story, he actually started the outline for number 4 while 3 was still finishing. And but he kept it secret. We didn’t know, I’m speaking for all of us.

The studio initially had a “but why?” reaction to the news, ’cause they had thought Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending, but Stanton convinced them there was more to Woody’s story.

That started to light us up a little bit, and slowly, we started to crack that open and go, ‘What would happen if Woody did everything right, he survived it all, he landed on his feet with Bonnie.’ And what we realized in that discussion was the end of 3 is really the end of Andy’s story, but the story of Toy Story is Woody….Now that I’m saying it, I’m realizing Andrew’s kids had gone off to college and moved out. So there’s definitely some of that in there. Like, what do you do when you’ve done everything right and your life’s not over?

Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters this weekend, and it’s going to be HUUUUUUGE.




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