‘Toy Story 4’ Opens To $118 Million, But It’s Still A Disappointment?

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Toy Story 4 hit theaters this past weekend and it obviously dominated the box office. It made $118 million during its opening weekend, which is obviously a strong number. Not many films break that $100 million mark during their opening weekend.

But still, Disney has to be a little disappointed because most projections had the movie bringing in at least $140 million.

More recently, last year Pixar’s ‘Incredibles 2’ opened to $182 million. Yes, it had the benefit of Father’s Day to boost it, but how much additional revenue did that provide? ‘Incredibles 2’ also faced competition from a very strong second weekend of ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom;’ there was nothing remotely as competitive for ‘Toy Story 4.’

The good news for Toy Story 4 is that it’s performing extremely well internationally. In total it’s already made close to $250 million worldwide.

So yeah, while they might be a little disappointed not reaching the $140 million mark domestically, overall it was a victory.

Meanwhile, ‘Child’s Play‘ also opened this past weekend and got surprisingly decent reviews from critics and the general audience.

Sadly the positive word of mouth didn’t spread fast enough and it made just $14 million. It’s not a terrible number, considering the budget was just $12 million, but it’s still a bit disappointing.

There seems to be a trend of disappointment this summer at the box office. Will it turn around with Lion King next month?




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