Topher Grace Creates Star Wars Trailer For All 10 Movies, And Everyone Is Impressed

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Apparently, Topher Grace is a huge Star Wars fan, and while his wife was out of town for the weekend, he got together with one his friends to create a mega trailer for the franchise. A trailer he calls, Star Wars: Always.

He tweeted out the trailer with the caption, “10 movies. 2 nerds. 1 weekend (when our wives were out of town). Enjoy… #everypartofthebuffalo.”

And it’s safe to say, everyone is impressed by his work. Patton Oswalt tweeted out…

As cnet points out, this isn’t the first time Topher has showed off his editing skills…

It’s not the first time Grace has worked his editing skills on Star Wars. He edited the prequels into an 85-minute movie in 2012, and inspired other fans to undertake similar projects. He also worked his magic on the overlong Hobbit trilogy last year, whittling an eight-hour experience down to two.




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