Tom Holland Reveals How A Drunken Phone Call With Disney’s Bob Iger Might Have Saved Spider-Man

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You all probably remember the ‘Spider-Man’ drama earlier this year. The franchise was *this close* to being pulled out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe because they couldn’t work out a deal with rights owner Sony.

Thankfully, the two companies were able to work out an agreement, but not before causing a lot of tears. Tom Holland recently revealed that he was extremely emotional about the whole thing.

When the news first broke, he asked if he could send Disney CEO Bob Iger an email…

I just wanted to say thank you, I wanted to say, ‘This has been an amazing five years of my life, thank you for changing my life in the best way, and I hope that we can work together in the future,’

I got his email address, I sent him the email, and then he responded very quickly saying, ‘I’d love to jump on the phone at some point, when are you free?’ And you don’t give Bob Iger a schedule, you’re like, ‘Whenever, Bob.’

And as luck would have it, Iger called him while he was at a “pub quiz” with his family. He admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that he was “three pints in” on a fairly empty stomach when Iger called him.

I’m like, ‘I think this is Bob Iger…but I’m drunk.’ So my dad’s like, ‘Just take the call, you’ll do fine!’ I basically just said, ‘Thank you for the opportunity,’ and he said, ‘There is a world in which we can make this work’ and then there were a bunch of phone calls back and forth.

I weeped. No, I didn’t weep — I did, yeah. Yeah, no, I was really emotional because I felt like it was all coming to an end.

So who knows, maybe it was Holland’s tears that made Iger want to reach an agreement more. It’s tough to hear a grown man cry, you know?

Check out the full interview below…

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