Tom Cruise Is Down For ‘Top Gun 2’ But Only If There Is No “CGI On The Jets”

Tom Cruise is ready to take our breath away once again. Even though he’s currently promoting his new Mission: Impossible movie, the 53-year-old actor seemed excited to step back for a moment to talk about Top Gun 2, the sequel that has been on and off more times than Lieutenant Dan trying to ride a mechanical bull.

While talking with Extra, Mr. Cruise said he would love to film the sequel, but only if the jets were real…

“I’d like to fly those jets again. But we’ve got to do all the jets practical. No CGI on the jets. I remember when I did the first one, I said ‘Look, in my contract I had to have three flights in the F-14.’ And it had to be in the film, a shot from that. So we had to film it. And luckily they wanted me bad enough to do it, so I was able to do that. I’m saying right now – no CGI on the jets.”

Of course. Would you expect anything less from Tom Freakin’ Cruise? The man is insane. But still, don’t get too excited for this sequel. A lot of important people in Hollywood have been trying to make this thing happen for years now.

Producer David Ellison did reveal recently that a new screenplay for the sequel was in development, with unmanned drones replacing the pilots…

There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie, and there is no Top Gun without Maverick.

We’ll keep you posted. And if you need some Tom Cruise in your life right now, be sure to check out Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation in theaters this Friday!

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