Tickets For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Already Selling On eBay, Find Out How Much People Are Asking For Them!

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You knew it was coming, folks. It happens all the time with important sports events, and now it’s happening with one of the biggest movie events in history. Star Wars: The Force Awakens pre-order tickets hit the internet yesterday after the final trailer was released.

And as you can imagine, the tickets started selling fast. After just one hour of online sales, experts are already predicting this could be the biggest opening in history. Everyone wants to be there for the first night. They want to get tickets to that first showing, and some people are already trying to take advantage of this unique situation.

Tickets for the upcoming Star Wars movie have already been posted on eBay. As you can see in the photo below, this user wants $400 for four tickets to the Dec. 17 (Thursday) IMAX 3D showing of the movie. That’s $100 a ticket!

And there are several other users asking that same price. One person in New York started their bidding at $500, but they’re willing to give the tickets to you straight up if you agree to pay $1,000 right now.

Like we said, this should have been expected, and there will be people paying a ridiculous amount of money for those Thursday showings. However, we would be surprised if anyone actually paid $500 for them. These users probably won’t get the full amount they’re asking for, but they will certainly make a profit.

Anyway, if you still haven’t watched the final trailer, you can check it out below. Good luck getting tickets…please don’t pay $500 for them!





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