Throwback Thursday: Watch The Original Audition Of Michael Cera, Jonah Hill And Christopher Mintz-Plasse For ‘Superbad’

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Michael Cera had a recent appearance on the great YouTube interview show ‘Hot Ones,’ and during the interview, he talked about how Jonah Hill hated Christopher Mintz-Plasse during the auditions for Superbad.

Apparently, Christopher, who plays McLovin in the film entered the audition room with so much confidence that it messed with Jonah. Here was this dude, who had never starred in a feature film before, getting huge laughs from Seth Rogen and the rest of the crew. It pissed off Jonah a little bit, which made the entire thing even more hilarious, ’cause McLovin was supposed to piss off Jonah’s character throughout the film.

It got us thinking, ‘Is there video of this audition?” Well, it looks like it. We can’t confirm that this is the FIRST audition featuring all three of them, but it would make sense. You can hear how many laughs Christopher is getting.

According to Cera’s interview, Jonah said he hated Christopher as soon as he left. He did not want them to hire him. Thankfully, he wasn’t the one making the casting decisions.

Check out the hilarious audition video below…

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