Theater In Texas Gets Creative By Projecting Films On The Side Of Their Wall To Create Drive-In Experience

These are challenging times. We are currently experiencing a once in a lifetime pandemic, and it’s a difficult thing to process. And it’s easy to get down, depressed…discouraged.

But it’s important to fight that and try to make the best out of a bad situation. That’s exactly what one theater in Texas is doing.

EVO Entertainment in Schertz, Texas, had to close down just like every other cinema in the country. At first, they didn’t think there was anything they could do about it, but then they got creative.

They decided to paint the exterior wall of the theater with high-gran white paint to create a wall that would provide optimal viewing for a drive-in movie experience. They then connected the sound through AM/FM radios, and opened up their very own drive-in movie theater.

Every evening, movie fans can park their cars in the theater parking lot and enjoy a film from the COVID-safe confines of their automobile. Screenings are free and patrons can order food from the theater’s kitchen. Reservations are highly recommended.

All screenings have been sold out so far. Tickets are in high demand. They played ‘Spider-Man Homecoming‘ over this past weekend. They plan to include classic films as well, like Top Gun and Grease.

In addition to the drive-in concept, EVO Entertainment recently introduced grocery and alcohol delivery. The company launched EVO Market on Thursday, which provides essentials for customers in the area which can either be picked up or delivered to their door. Those sales, combined with the drive-in dining offerings, resulted in over $23,000 in food and beverage revenue.

Damn. Well done. Obviously not every theater can do something like this, but it should act as motivation for some.

GET CREATIVE! STAY POSITIVE! And if you need a moment to cry or whatever, take it…just don’t allow yourself to drown in it.

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