Theater In California Forced To Apologize To Angry Parents After Showing ‘Sausage Party’ Trailer For ‘Finding Dory’ Audience

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Parents in California were horrified when Seth Rogen’s R-rated Sausage Party trailer started playing before a screening of Finding Dory. And if you’ve watched the trailer for Rogen’s movie, you know it starts out like a typical family film put out by Pixar.

So we have to imagine the children inside the theater were really paying attention to this trailer when it quickly transformed from a lovable Pixar film to a bunch of naughty vegetables talking like Samuel L. Jackson.

After the upset parents complained, the Vice-President of Operations for the Brenden Theatre Corporation sent out an apology, explaining this was a one-time, honest mistake. No one was trying to play any tricks.

“The wrong movie was started by mistake. Our movies are now started and stopped by computer and a click of a mouse. We moved a couple of screens to larger houses to accommodate some walk-up groups over a very, very busy Dory weekend. In the rush one hardworking manager clicked the wrong movie. It was caught soon but not until that trailer was played. We regret it, apologize for it and we are not happy that it happened.”

Ah, it’s okay, Those kids might have heard a few f-bombs and witnessed some of their favorite foods get brutally murdered on the big screen, but it could have been worse.

Last year, a theater in Ohio accidentally started playing Insidious 3 instead of Inside Out. Children were reportedly “asking lots of questions” after watching people being tied up and murdered on screen.

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