The Weekend Is Over: How Much Money Did ‘Shazam!” Make At The Box Office?

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We told you last week that the experts were predicting ‘Shazam!” would take home between $45 and $50 million during its opening weekend. I told you that I thought the projections were low and it could make $60 million.

Well, we were both wrong. Shazam performed better than the predicted $45 million, but it did not hit $60 million. The SUPER funny super hero flick had a $53 million opening here in the states, which was more than enough to take home the top spot at the box office.

If you combine the $53 million with the additional $3 million from early screenings, the film actually made a little over $56 million. For comparison, Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man‘ made $57 million during its opening weekend back in 2015.

Both Ant-Man and Shazam are untested properties when it comes to the land of superheroes. They aren’t exactly the most popular characters in their universe, so you can’t compare their openings to Avengers, Wonder Woman, Batman, etc.

So while the $56 million might sound low, it’s really a huge win for DC. Shazam was made with a $90 million budget, which is super cheap for a superhero movie. Ant-Man had a $130 million budget and Avengers: Infinity War had a budget over $300 million.

So yeah, Shazam is doing just fine, especially if you consider it’s already made $158 million worldwide. It’s already profitable.




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