The New Trailer For The Ghostbusters Remake Might Surprise You (VIDEO)

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Yes, we know. The upcoming all-female remake of Ghostbusters is the worst thing to happen since the Berry Creme Oreo. The internet wants you to believe this movie will be terrible, and you know what? It might be. The first trailer certainly didn’t calm down the haters. If anything, it convinced more people to join the dark side.

But you can’t judge a movie by its first trailer. Yes, we know that’s kinda the point of a trailer, but let’s just try to be positive today, okay? The latest trailer for the movie is actually not that bad. You get to watch the ghosts attack New York City, the effects are pretty dope, and there is one (possibly two) clever jokes thrown in.

If you’re one of those rare people still on the fence (meaning the haters haven’t dragged you down,) then this new trailer might convince you to give Ghostbusters a chance. You have to imagine everyone connected to this project feels better about this second trailer. Honestly, they should probably just delete the first one and pretend like it never happened.

Ghostbusters will hit theaters July 15. Will you be there to watch it?


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