The Most Valuable Movie Stars of 2015: Did Jennifer Lawrence Take The Top Spot Again?

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It’s that time of the year again, folks. You are about to see, “The most ____ of 2015” lists pop up all over the place. One of the more interesting lists this year comes from Vulture. For the fourth year in a row, the website has released its “Most Valuable Movie Stars” list.

How do they determine a movie star’s value? By looking at their box-office numbers, social media game, respect with the critics, and their popularity worldwide.

“Vulture has collected data¬†(including domestic and foreign box-office numbers, critical love, social-media chatter, Twitter mentions, Oscar success, and likability ratings, according to E-Score Celebrity rankings by E-Poll)”

So obviously this is pretty official stuff. Jennifer Lawrence was number one on the list last year, but was she able to grab the top spot again? Of course she was.

Vulture claims she crushed the competition again. Getting a perfect “10” on the studio value chart, with every one of the studio execs polled giving her the highest rating. She also picked up the best Twitter score and a respectable 72% likability rating.

You can check out the top 5 stars below. Click on that Vulture link up there to check out the full list. It’s got some neat information.


No. 1 – Jennifer Lawrence



No. 2 – Robert Downey Jr.



No. 3 – Leonardo DiCaprio



No. 4 – Bradley Cooper



No. 5 – Dwayne Johnson




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