‘The Martian’ VFX Before & After Photos Are Super Interesting, Check Them Out Inside!

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The MartianĀ has clearly been a huge success. I watched it last weekend and absolutely loved it. Our movie expert reviewed it and almost gave it a perfect score, and most importantly it opened with a $55 million total at the box office, coming extremely close to becoming the highest-grossing October debut in history.

After watching the movie with some friends, they all came out of the movie believing every scene filmed on “Mars” was filmed against greenscreen. And while there were a lot of scenes featuring that (mainly inside Watney’s base), there were actually some scenes filmed in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

The one issue filmmakers had with the location? Getting the correct color of Mars. After tinkering with the images, and comparing them with the images NASA has produced, they finally discovered a nice balance.





But as mentioned above, the greenscreen stage did play a big role in this film. Most every scene featuring his base on Mars was shot at the soundstages in Korda Studios in Budapest.

This before & after shot is truly incredible…



If you like these photos, you’ll probably want to click here to view them all and hear the experts talk about how they created them. It’s fascinating stuff. I’m not sure how much of it I understand, but that doesn’t take away from the experience.

We’ll leave you with one more…



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