The Long Awaited ‘Deadwood’ Movie Now Has A Teaser Trailer

Fans of the HBO show ‘Deadwood‘ have been waiting a looong time for this. If you look up any “tv shows canceled too soon” list, you’ll see ‘Deadwood’ near the top. The American Western TV series had three seasons on HBO before being canceled.

Fans of the show were devastated and for years they have been teased with rumors of a Deadwood movie.

Well. finally, HBO has delivered. Fans will finally (or at least hopefully) get the ending they deserve with this upcoming two-hour movie.

The film will reportedly be set years later in the chronology of the show from when we last saw Al Swearengen (Ian Mcshane) and will see South Dakota officially joining the United States, along with the ramifications of that for the townsfolk.

Nearly all of the original cast members have returned for this film, which will premiere on HBO May 31, 2019.

Check out the teaser trailer below…

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