The Kings Speech Review

There are some directors that just get it; Tom Hooper is one of them. Before I start, I would like to thank the entire cast of this film, particularly David Seidler who wrote this beautiful screenplay and reminded me why I love movies so much.

The Kings Speech is a perfect example of how a well driven story can completely immerse a spectator in a much deeper level than special effects and visuals ever can.

From the moment the film starts to the last scene I am completely emerged in the story, I loose myself in the overwhelming fear and insecurity of a Man that carries a burden that he didn’t chose, and can’t escape from. The characters were so intense and had so much presence that you couldn’t help it but live the story with and through them every step of the way as the narrative unfolds.

Every time the King had to make a speech, I could feel his agony and fear, the anxiety he felt with every word that came out of his mouth was so contagious that I almost felt myself trembling every time he got close to a microphone.

When a movie makes you feel something, and I don’t mean just emotionally, I am referring to that raw visceral physical reaction, it means that doing something right!

I wouldn’t say this movie scars you the same way a David Fincher movie would, but it just makes you intensely care about the faith of all the characters.

Visually the movie was exactly what it needed to be, everything around it from the sound to the cinematography was there with one sole purpose; to help tell the story.

Just last week I saw an interview with my favorite cinematographer, Wally Pfister explaining that he doesn’t really care too much about creating impressive images more than he does creating everything that is required to help the director tell a story.

Danny Cohen (cinematographer), whom I confess I had never heard before, nailed everything down to the smallest detail; he created the right ambience through lighting and camera motion enabling the story to be the center piece of this movie focusing on the dialogues and emotions of the characters without boring the heck out of the spectator.

The actors were simply amazing here, Colin Ferrel, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter completely immersed themselves in the characters, you just knew how much they were enjoying themselves by the outstanding level of the acting on set. It was one of those rare situations where there was a perfect symbiosis of all the acting talent, crew and the director.

Tom Hooper certainly got my attention; this movie deserved my 95% rating, if the soundtrack had been a bit more memorable, it would have gotten a 100% rating.

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful movie, I underline everything you said Pedro, truly specular.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Fantastic movie!!

  3. Just watched the movie… and loved it!

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