The Internet Just Did A Very Bad Thing: ‘White Chicks 2’ Is Now The Next Project For Marlon Wayans

We can never just be happy with one thing. We always need more. The 2004 comedy White Chicks was the perfect surprise. No one expected much from it, especially after the critics completely smashed the movie. But just like Joe Dirt, it developed a cult following years after its release. We already know all about the Joe Dirt sequel being released this month on Crackle.

And now, thanks to the power of the internet, a sequel to White Chicks might be next. Marlon Wayans posted the photo you see below to his Instagram account a few days ago, with the caption, Show of hands who wants to see the sequel to this? 300,000 likes and I may make this our next movie.”


As you might have guessed by now, the post received more than 300,000 likes. In fact, it’s now approaching the 450,000 mark. And on Facebook, the post has over 700,000 likes! The people of the internet obviously want to see White Chicks 2.

But don’t celebrate your mistake just yet. In Hollywood, it’s all about the money, and if getting 300,000 likes on Instagram was all it took to convince studios to throw money at you, then it wouldn’t be so freaking difficult to make a movie.

That being said, I do believe we will see a White Chicks 2 coming soon. I just don’t think it will be released in a theater near you. It will probably follow Joe Dirt with a strictly digital release.

We will keep you posted.

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