The Huge Movie Trailers You Should Watch Out For During Super Bowl 2016!

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We all know how big the Super Bowl is. It’s less about the actual game being played, and more about the commercials and performances during halftime. It’s an event. One of the biggest events of the year, and there are a lot of companies putting down a ridiculous amount of money for a 30-second commercial.

Prices have hit a record high this year for a 30-second commercial. According to the reports, the price for a 30-second spot is $5 million. What company has that much money to spend on just a single commercial? Well, big studios wanting to promote their upcoming films do.

For some of the blockbusters listed in this article, $5 million is just a drop in their marketing bucket. We know Fox has purchased at least two 30-second commercials, and one of them is a confirmed TV spot for Deadpool. The film is scheduled to be released just five days after the Super Bowl, so it would be silly for Fox not to promote it during the game.

Disney has reportedly purchased “multiple spots,” and one of those spots will almost certainly go to Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Disney will probably also promote their upcoming Zootopia animated film, it’s scheduled to hit theaters March 4, 2016. And if you haven’t watched the latest trailer, click on this link to check it out. It’s hilarious.

And while Warner Bros. hasn’t officially purchased a commercial during the Super Bowl, they are co-sponsoring the Doritos fan ad this year, which means they have probably worked out a deal to tease Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice during the big game. I think everyone would be shocked if they didn’t take this opportunity to promote the film.

We’ll find out in less than seven days now! Super Bowl 2016 will air on CBS this Sunday, Feb. 7.

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