The First Reviews For ‘A Quiet Place II’ Are In, And They Are Mostly Positive

We have been waiting months (or really a year) for the release of A Quiet Place II. The sequel was originally supposed to hit theaters back in March of 2020, but the pandemic pushed it back

But now, the day is finally coming. The sequel will be released inside a theater near you on May 28, and theaters are hoping it’s the first big hit of the summer.

The first reviews have just dropped, and we’re happy to report they’re mostly positive. We wouldn’t categorize them as “glowing” reviews, but they’re certainly good enough.

Rodrigo Perez wrote this for The Playlist:

As an experience, A Quiet Place Part II is still riveting and intense and should check all the boxes for most audiences, especially in the “I just wanna be gripped and entertained” post-pandemic age. For those looking for a little more depth and soul and a movie to fully coalesce in the end? Well, you might have to wait for the next chapter for some true thematic and emotional closure, but still, it’ll be hard to argue this won’t be an escapist thrill for most audiences in theaters, at least.

Screendaily’s Tim Grierson wrote:

A Quiet Place Part II proves to be an even fiercer and more emotional experience than the first installment. Expanding its world slightly without losing sight of the elements that made the original so effective, this superb piece of mainstream horror filmmaking is bolstered by some terrific performances, most notably Millicent Simmonds as a deaf daughter assuming the role of family protector in the wake of her father’s death. 

And just to be fair, let’s take a look at the most critical review from Empire’s Ian Freer…

Whisper it. A Quiet Place Part II might lack the smarts and novelty of its predecessor but it serves up strong set- pieces, Millicent Simmonds shines and Krasinski remains a director to watch.

So there you go. Maybe it’s not as fresh or emotional as the first film, but it’s still thrilling and entertaining, which let’s be honest, that’s all we want at this point. Give us an hour or two of something super entertaining inside a dark theater to get our minds off the dark world that lurks outside.

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