The First Red Band Trailer For The New ‘Vacation’ Film Has Been Released! (VIDEO)

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We have a special treat for you all this Friday. The red band trailer for the Vacation reboot has been released, and it’s actually not that bad.

One thing you’ll notice right away are the references to the original film. The trailer even begins with footage from the original 1983 comedy. And then we jump straight into raunchy town, which makes sense considering this is the red band trailer.

Like always, we’re not going to ruin the trailer by telling you everything that happens inside of it. Just watch it for yourself and be surprised.

We will tell you that this film is filled with some pretty big names in the comedy game. You have Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann, Charlie Day, Nick Kroll and Keegan-Michael Key. With a cast like that, you have to expect a lot of laughs.

And the fact that the studio decided to release this film in the middle of summer proves they are confident in this project. You can catch Vacation in theaters July 29, 2015.

Watch the trailer below…


We might have also found the Official Movie Poster!

Vacation (2015) Movie Poster (maybe…)

Vacation-Movie-Poster 2015

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