The Early Reviews For ‘Toy Story 4’ Are Coming Out, And They Are Super Positive

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We have to be honest. We were a little worried about this upcoming Toy Story 4. It feels like we have entered the summer where sequels come to die. 

Men in Black: International is getting slammed by critics, Shaft is receiving poor reviews, Dark Phoenix had a terrible box office performance, and even The Secret Life of Pets 2 didn’t perform all that well.

Thankfully, it looks like Toy Story 4 will turn things around. The early reviews are coming in, and they are almost all positive.

It’s super early, but it currently has an impressive 85 score on Metacritic. And so far, out of just 12 reviews, it sits comfortably with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips writes:

While we all, as moviegoers, experience franchise and sequel fatigue on our own unpredictable timetables, this film brightens the summer without simply going through the motions.

And Variety’s Peter Debruge teases…

This series’ quaternary installment adds so much that audiences will find it hard to imagine the saga without it.

And The Wrap’s Alonso Duralde writes:

Pixar could easily retire this series with a clean sweep of films that have been lovely to look at and moving and funny to watch. But if they can maintain this level of wonderful, keep ‘em coming.

The most negative review we could find (so far) was this from ScreenCrush’s Matt Singer…

Toy Story 4 is the weakest movie in the series. But it’s also the riskiest and the most pleasantly unpredictable.

Looks like Pixar is going to have another hit.




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