The Early Reviews For ‘Creed’ Have Been Released, Find Out What The Critics Are Saying About The Rocky Spinoff!


We have been waiting for Creed to come out for months. The trailers for the movie have been excellent. If you still haven’t seen the trailers, you can click on this link to watch the first one. It should get you pumped for this Rocky spinoff.

If the trailer doesn’t work though, maybe the early reviews will. So far, there have been around 13 official reviews from critics who were able to see an early screening of the film. 11 of those 13 reviews have been positive, which puts the early tomatometer at a nice 85%.

The most encouraging piece of information from the reviews is that director Ryan Coogler didn’t take the easy way out. He could have milked all that nostalgia from the franchise’s long history, but instead it looks like he did a good job of separating himself and making sure things are set up for Michael B. Jordan in the future.

Another thing to look out for? Sylvester Stallone’s strong (and maybe Oscar-worthy) performance in the supporting role.

Andrew Barker from Variety wrote this in his review…

“Ryan Coogler confirms every bit of promise he displayed in his 2013 debut, ‘Fruitvale Station,’ offering a smart, kinetic, exhilaratingly well-crafted piece of mainstream filmmaking, and providing actor Michael B. Jordan with yet another substantial stepping stone on his climb to stardom. Yet the biggest surprise may be Sylvester Stallone: Appearing in the first ‘Rocky’ film that he didn’t also write — and the first in which he takes on a supporting role — the veteran channels all his obvious love for the character into his performance, digging deeper as an actor than he has in years.”

Most of the positive reviews mirrored Andrew’s comments. What about the negative reviews? This is what The Wrap’s Robert Abele had to say about the movie…

“If 2006’s correctively quieter, old-school charming “Rocky Balboa” felt like a fitting close to an invariably overextended series, you can see why this entry — the first one not written by Stallone — suggested a reason to continue. But instead of playing like the first of a series of Adonis Creed movies, “Creed” never rises above being one more by-the-numbers “Rocky” retread.”

Creed hits theaters next week.

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