The Box Office Has Life! ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ Has Best Opening In Franchise History

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We told you last week that the box office was struggling this year and that ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World‘ could get it back on the right track.

Some experts were predicting a $40 million opening for the animated sequel, which would have been acceptable, but also the lowest opening the franchise has ever had. The first film made $43 million and the second made $49 million.

So yeah, everyone was hoping and praying for more than $40 million, and thankfully those prayers were answered. The third film in the franchise opened to a record breaking $55 million this past weekend, which is a franchise best.

“The third installation of Universal’s animated dragon series sold $55.5 million in tickets, exceeding most analysts’ expectations and giving the franchise the best opening weekend of any of its three movies.

That figure is especially impressive given that the latest (and supposedly final) “Dragon” installment had a slightly lower budget than either of the previous movies — about $129 million, against $165 million for the original (2010) and $145 for the second (2014), according to Box Office Mojo.”

With ‘Captain Marvel’ set to be released in just two weeks, it looks like the box office has survived the storm. For those wondering, Captain Marvel is set to make at least $100 million during its opening weekend.

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