The Best Oscar Speech This Year Goes To Minari’s Yuh-Jung Youn, Watch Her Adorable Speech

There were a few entertaining speeches last night at the 2021 Oscars, but only one truly stood out, and that speech belongs to Korean actress Yuh-Jung Youn.

The 73-year-old actress won an Oscar for her brilliant supporting role in Minari. If you still haven’t gotten around to watching the film, well, get around to it.

She gave a lovely performance and deserved her win. Brad Pitt was the one who presented her with the award, which was appropriate because he was a producer on the film.

When Youn got to the microphone, she joked with Pitt, “Finally, it’s an honor to meet you. Where were you when we were filming in Tulsa?”

That joke could have easily came across as mean-spirited, but her cuteness made that impossible.

She brought some much-needed humor to the event, adding…

All the nominees, five nominees, we were the winner for different movies. We played different roles — so we cannot compete [against] each other. Tonight, I’m here, I just have a little bit more luck, I think, maybe. I’m luckier than you. And also maybe it’s American hospitality for the Korean actor? I’m not sure.

Reading the quote doesn’t do it justice though, check out the full speech below…

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