The Best Film Of The Year Won The ‘Best Picture’ Award At The 2020 Oscars

Published On February 10, 2020 » 63 Views» By Z-rowe »

It’s not often that the best film of the year wins the Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. If you want proof of that, just look at ‘Green Book‘ winning last year.

But this year, at the 2020 Oscars, the Academy got it right. The South Korean genre-bending movie ‘Parasite‘ took home the Best Picture award, and everyone seemed to be thrilled, even the losers.

The thriller/dark comedy/family drama won four awards, including Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film.

It became the first foreign-language film to win best picture, and was the first South Korean film to win the International Feature award. Heck, it was the first South Korean film to be nominated for the award!

If you’ve been following our site, then you know we’ve been pushing Parasite hard, so it’s nice to see it have such a big night. It was without a doubt, the best film of 2019. The Academy got it right.

Check out the Best Picture acceptance speech below, and congrats to everyone who worked on this masterpiece.




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