The 2021 Oscars Were Built Around Chadwick Boseman Winning Best Actor Award, And Then He Didn’t

Well, after being delayed a couple months due to the coronavirus, the 2021 Oscars went down on Sunday night (April 25) and for the most part…they worked? I guess. They switched up the location and once again worked without a host.

But most notably, they switched up the rotation of the awards. They started things out with Best Screenplay, which they never do, and then decided to end the entire ceremony with Best Actor instead of Best Picture.

Why did they do this? At first it seemed like such a bizarre move, but then when you think about, you realize the director/producers of the show were building the entire ceremony around the late Chadwick Boseman winning Best Actor.

They were hoping to end with an emotional/moving moment, but instead, the Best Actor award went to Anthony Hopkins for his brilliant performance in The Father.

To make matters even worse, Hopkins wasn’t even in attendance, so the show ended with the Academy accepting the award for him. It was super awkward and made for a lackluster ending.

And understandably, some people were upset. They felt robbed. The show was building for this moment, and then nothing. But it’s important to note here that the Academy itself isn’t necessarily to blame.

Only two people (I believe?) are supposed to know the winners beforehand, and the director of the show is not one of them, which means the director gambled, and it did not pay off. This mistake is on him.

It’s also important to note that Hopkins absolutely deserved the win. Not saying Boseman didn’t, but both statements can be true. If you haven’t watched The Father, Hopkins gave what might be the best performance of his career. It’s a shame this is how it’ll be rememberd.

Speaking of Hopkins, he made a video to accept his award, and to pay tribute to Boseman. He’s a class act.

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