Tobey Maguire Is The Real Deal In The New Bobby Fischer Movie ‘Pawn Sacrifice’. Watch The Trailer (Video)


Bobby Fischer is an intriguing character and this film is rumored to easily trump 1993’s Searching for Bobby Fischer, the movie we all associate with the chess champion.

Ed Zwick’s ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ debuted to great reviews at TIFF last year mainly because of the brilliant acting from stars Peter Sarsgaard, Michael Stuhlbarg, Lily Rabe and most notably Toby Maguire playing the lead.  Maguire appears shockingly aged which brings a rawness and an intensity to his characters flawed genius.  You almost immediately want to know what his character is thinking and why he’s thinking it.  That is the draw.

If people think watching golf is boring, then watching Chess would be the equivalent to a coma, but somehow Zwick makes the Cold War and Playing Chess seem as exciting as Rocky IV.

Let’s see if the box office numbers agree.  Watch the official full length trailer below:

[youtube id=”fB3vYiOwE58″ width=”680″ height=”383″]

pawn-sacrifice-official movie poster