James Gunn Just Roasted Angry ‘Star Wars’ Fans On Twitter

For some reason, people are ridiculously passionate about the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise. They will debate for hours on whether blah blah was really blah blah, or if blah blah was secretly blah blah.

I’m using “blah blah” there because I honestly don’t know enough about the franchise to understand what the f**k they’re talking about.

Anyway, ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ director James Gunn got heated on Twitter this past week after ‘Star Wars’ fans started sending hateful messages to the cast & crew of ‘The Last Jedi.’

Hell, the hate got so bad for actress Kelly Marie Tran she had to wipe her Instagram clean. She had been dealing with trolls for months. Director Rian Johnson has also been receiving a lot of angry messages.

Gunn saw all this and decided to send a message to these angry trolls…


You heard the man. Go to therapy. Honestly, everyone should go to therapy. We all need help.