First Look: Redband Trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s ‘The Gambler’. Does a Bald John Goodman Steal the Show? (Video)

Balkd John Goodman

The dramatic pictures of a slimmed down Mark Wahlberg created quite the buzz on the internet, so we couldn’t wait for the trailer. There’s already talk surrounding the fact that Wahlberg might get an Oscar nomination for this role. The remake of the 1974 drama is written by William Monahan (The Departed) so there is potential.

Wahlberg who has really showed his acting chops in the last five years (Transformers aside) put a lot of work into this role. Wahlberg’s character is a literature professor with a bad gambling addiction. He says that convincing audience’s that he is a teacher was tougher then dropping the weight. During an interview he said,

“Forget losing the weight. Being believable as a teacher was one of my greatest challenges and most rewarding.”

Wahlberg just completed his high school diploma online last year at the age of 42. To prepare for this role he actually sat in on literary courses to better understand the classic literature references his character apparently uses throughout the film. The man is dedicated to his craft.


If Wahlberg doesn’t get an Oscar maybe there’s some room for John Goodman as Best Supporting Actor. A bald John Goodman gives a speech that is destined to become a classic, which is used as the back drop for the trailer…and the only reason I see that it’s redband. Goodman is dropping F-bombs Galore. I thought he deserved something as the “Wingman” in Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’; maybe this movie will right that wrong.

Enjoy the Trailer. The movie is slated for official release on December 19th.

[youtube id=”ri1SLh5b3zE” width=”633″ height=”356″]

First Images From ‘The Gambler’ Show Mark Wahlberg’s Dramatic 60-Pound Weight Loss


We are sure some of you have been hearing about Mark Wahlberg’s extreme weight loss for his upcoming film, The Gambler. He was forced to drop 60 pounds for the role, which some believe could land him an Oscar.

USA Today released three brand new images from the movie, and you can definitely see a difference, especially when you look back at how huge he was for the latest Transformers disaster.


In the film, Mark will play a literary professor with an intense gambling problem, which leads to him getting into trouble with gangsters. It’s described as an updated retelling of the 1974 drama of the same name. In the photo down below, you can see Wahlberg standing next to Brie Larson. She plays Amy in the film, and is the main reason I am so excited for the movie.

But let’s get back to Mark’s weight loss before I start declaring my love for Brie Larson. Mr. Wahlberg told USA Today that the greatest challenge wasn’t losing the weight. It was transforming himself into a believable teacher.

“Forget losing the weight. Being believable as a teacher was one of my greatest challenges and most rewarding. It meant being able to have the comfort to really understand and say those words. Comments we’ve been getting from the test screenings include, ‘I never thought I would see Mark Wahlberg as a professor, but I believed it and went along for the ride.’ Hearing that hit on one of my big reasons for doing this part. It’s different and unexpected.”

Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting ride. The Gambler will be released Dec. 19. The film is directed by Rupert Wyatt and written by William Monahan.