Michael B. Jordan Set To Direct ‘Creed III’ According To Co-Star Tessa Thompson

Michael B. Jordan has starred in the first two ‘Creed‘ films. The first entry in the franchise was released back in 2015 and received glowing reviews from both critics and fans of the ‘Rocky’ franchise.

It went on to make over $170 million at the box office against a budget of just $40 million.

The sequel, Creed II, was released in 2018 and while it wasn’t loved as much as the original by critics, it did gross more than $200 million worldwide.

The first film was directed by Ryan Coogler, the second film was directed by Steven Caple Jr., and now we are learning the third entry will be directed by Michael B. Jordan.

This surprise was dropped by Jordan’s co-star, Tessa Thompson. During an interview with MTV, Thompson talked about how Jordan is set to direct and filming is expected to begin later this year.

She joked that she’s gonna use his ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title to her advantage when filming begins…

It’s gonna be ammo, I think, for me when he is engaging with me as a director. I’m just gonna tell him to dial down the sexiness.

We’re not gonna make [the movie] until later [next] year. Who knows what happens? … I don’t know if he’ll still be the Sexiest Man Alive in six months. No, I’m proud of him. I’m so happy for him.

This will be Jordan’s big-screen directorial debut, so it’s a pretty huge deal.

He’s just 33-years-old, so if this film is a success, he just opened even more doors for himself in Hollywood.

Check Out The New Trailer For ‘Men in Black: International’ Starring Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth

A new trailer has dropped for the upcoming alien flick Men in Black: International. Sony Pictures is still being secretive with the plot details, but they do show us a little more in this second trailer.

As most of you know, the movie stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Tessa plays a woman who’s been searching for the Men in Black ever since she had a bizarre alien encounter when she was child. Chris plays the organization’s star agent.

As this trailer explains, the villains this time around are a group of shapeshifting aliens that can look like anyone, including Men in Black agents. This creates a kind of MIB vs. MIB where they’re each shooting their own gadgets at each other. But what you’re really here for is the chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson.

In addition to Tessa and Chris, Men in Black: International will also star Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Rebecca Ferguson and Kumail Najiani.

It’s expected to hit theaters June 14, 2019. Check out the trailer below…

The First Trailer For ‘Men in Black: International’ Starring Tessa Thompson And Chris Hemsworth

Well, the ‘Men in Black‘ franchise is officially back, but it’s missing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This new ‘Men in Black: International‘ is reportedly a sequel, spin-off and remake all rolled into one.

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth star in the movie as Agents H and M. Liam Neeson plays the head of the London branch of the alien investigation agency Men in Black. Emma Thompson will be reprising her role as O, the head of the American branch.

“The film has Agent H and new recruit Agent M getting caught up in a case with global implications as a murder mystery turns into something much, much bigger than they anticipated. The story reportedly has them traveling around the world in order to solve the case.”

In addition to the stars listed above, Men in Black: International will also feature Rebecca Ferguson and Kumail Nanjiani.

This kinda feels like a ‘Jumanji‘ situation. It’s basically a completely different film, so you can’t really treat it as a sequel. They’re trying to avoid direct comparisons, and that’s a smart move.

Will it have the same success? It’s impossible to know, but this trailer does not make me hopeful.

Check it out below. The film will be released June 14, 2019.

Tessa Thompson Is Reportedly Joining Chris Hemsworth In The Upcoming ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff

The more we learn about this ‘Men in Black‘ spinoff, the more we like it. At first, we were a little disappointed that neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones would return, but we’re starting to get over that disappointment.

According to multiple reports, Tessa Thompson is joining her Thor: Ragnarok co-star Chris Hemsworth in Sony’s upcoming Men in Black reboot.

This is pretty huge news because they were both great in Thor and Hemsworth was one of the best parts of the recent Ghostbusters reboot, so we know his comedy game is strong.

Fate of the Furious‘ director F. Gary Gray is set to direct this reboot, which will feature brand new characters, similar to how Jurassic World revived the Jurassic Park franchise. You still keep the world that has already been created, but you also start over with new characters, so people aren’t directly comparing the two.

Currently, the studio has a release date of June 14, 2019, but that will likely change. Big movies like this often get delayed.

“Details are being kept hidden under a New York City ventilation tower, but sources say the new project is more of an ensemble piece than a two-hander and will be more global in scope.”

We will keep you posted.

‘Atlanta’ Star Lakeith Stanfield Stars In Bizarre Trailer For The Film ‘Sorry to Bother You’

If you enjoy films that absolutely scramble the hell out of your brain, then you’re going to enjoy the upcoming sci-fi/fantasy satire, Sorry to Bother You.

The movie, directed and written by Boots Riley, stars Lakeith Stanfield as a young man who lives in an alternate version of present-day Oakland. He gets a job as a telemarketer and discovers the key to success in the professional world is using his “white voice” while talking to people.

“His impression of a chipper suburbanite sends him shooting up the corporate ladder, where he’s met by Steve Lift (Armie Hammer), a coke-snorting CEO who appends his multimillion-dollar offers with smiley faces. As Cassius turns up with all sorts of buttoned-up types, his on-again, off-again girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson) remains unimpressed by his cashing in on code-switching.”

In addition to Stanfield, Hammer and Thompson, you’ll find Terry Crews, Steven Yeun and Danny Glover. You need to watch the trailer below to see how truly crazy/unique this film is.

It’s expected to hit theaters July 6, 2018, and it’s safe to say people are going to be a little confused…

Movie Review: Creed (2015) – The Best Rocky Film Yet


The day before Thanksgiving saw some great new releases, and coming out on top is the critically acclaimed Creed, based on the prior Rocky franchise. I’ll admit to being prejudiced, as I loved Rocky, but have to say, that this one pretty much beat out all the others, as far as I’m concerned.

Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) is the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s former rival and eventual friend. His father is dead but Adonis still wants to connect with him, so off he goes to Philadelphia, where we meet a contentedly retired Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) who is running his own Italian restaurant. Then, the champ comes out of retirement, this time to coach the hopeful newcomer into filling his deceased father’s shoes.


Despite the fact that this movie comes 39 years after the release of the original, it still has a nostalgic feel that helps fans of the original identify with the film. It’s your standard movie, where the underdog makes good, but it still works. Classics are classics for a reason, after all.

Jordan plays the plucky newcomer quite well, and brings a level of depth to a character that was at risk of becoming cliché. The training montages, love interests and fight scenes don’t feel like clichés. They feel comfortable and enjoyable. While you can see the punches coming from miles away, it’s still a great, and enjoyable effort.

That’s because they also managed to make this contemporary. They didn’t just regurgitate the same old stuff, but instead created a new and exciting movie about a character we can genuinely care about. The movie isn’t dependent on nostalgia, and Creed is a standalone rather than a sequel, but I could see another franchise come out of this.

One thing I like about this movie is that it didn’t go with the inner-city cliché. In the beginning of this. Adonis is actually a white collar worker who believes there’s something more. He doesn’t go to Philadelphia because it’s his last resort. It’s an attempt to find some common ground with a father he never knew.

download 08DEC2015

It’s clear that the director has some affection for the Rocky franchise. He references the great, and the corniest moments of Rocky without being apologetic. He’s not filming this as some kind of tongue in cheek parody. Instead, it’s an homage to the original and a great work all its own.

Stallone is in his best part in decades, and kind of reminded me of Clint Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby. He has a kind of fragile air of mortality over a steely core that makes him seem incredibly authentic and believable. He really does shine in this movie.

This is absolutely worth the watch. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to see it, you’re missing out. You don’t need to have watched any of the prior Rocky movies, but it is helpful just to get an idea of the original Apollo Creed, who was easily one of the best characters in this series.
WE GAVE IT: 5 STARS! Watch the Official Trailer and See the Official Movie Poster below

5 Stars

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