Ryan Reynolds Confirms T.J. Miller’s Weasel Will Not Be In Deadpool’s Next Film

T.J. Miller’s career is hanging by a thread. He has been dealing with accusations of sexual assault, and he was also arrested for calling in a fake bomb threat. It’s safe to say, the dude is going through some sh*t right now.

But still, you’ll be able to find him later this month in Deadpool 2. He returned to the Weasel character for the sequel, and it looks like it might have been his last time playing the character.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds had a profile piece with the New York Times recently, and he confirmed that Miller would not be in Fox’s upcoming spin-off, X-Force.

“During an interview with the New York Times, Reynolds was asked of the various allegations being leveled against Miller but declined to comment. However, the Deadpool actor did confirm that Miller was not involved in X-Force – Reynolds’ next planned appearance as ‘the merc with a mouth’ following the upcoming release of Deadpool 2.”

It’s a sad end for Miller’s character. He provided a lot of laughs in the first film, and I’m sure he provides several laughs in this upcoming sequel. His character will be missed.

But the dude needs to get himself together. He should probably step away from Hollywood for a bit.

Check Out T.J. Miller And Jennifer Aniston In The First Trailer For ‘Office Christmas Party’


Would you like another ensemble holiday film? No? Well, too freaking bad. Ensemble comedies are Hollywood’s version of socks for Christmas. No one really wants or needs them, but somehow they always end up on your feet.

Paramount Pictures will be providing the socks this year with the comedy Office Christmas Party. The first trailer was released today, and it honestly looks like the script just said, “Let’s hire a bunch of big stars, place them inside a huge office building and let them destroy sh-t for two hours. Also, throw in an animal using the restroom because that’s always funny.”

It makes me sad that I already hate this film because it has some talented people in it. T.J. Miller, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon, etc. But still, we all know stuffing a movie with talent doesn’t always work. It’s like putting pizza, ice cream, grilled cheese, peanut butter & jelly and beer inside one pot. All those items work on their own, but things take a nasty turn when one side of your mouth is breaking down a slice of Swiss cheese while the other side bites down on some crunchy peanut butter.

Of course, I might just be in a bad mood right now. This film could be great. It’ll hit theaters December 9th. You can check out the synopsis and trailer below. Don’t let me ruin the party.

In OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, when the CEO tries to close her hard-partying brother’s branch, he and his Chief Technical Officer must rally their co-workers and host an epic office Christmas party in an effort to impress a potential client and close a sale that will save their jobs.


Remember That Emoji Movie? Well, It’s Still Happening And It Just Added A Pretty Huge Star


When we first told you about The Emoji Movie: Express Yourself, we thought maybe it was some elaborate prank on the media. We know Hollywood has been successful making movies about Legos and Angry Birds, but would they really try to find an audience for a movie all about emojis?

The answer is yes. The script created an intense multi-studio bidding war. Sony came out victorious, and they were quick to release more details about the project…most likely because they knew people were already preparing to hate the film.

But surprisingly, the plot details don’t sound that terrible. As we reported back in April

“The story will follow the Emoji characters leaving ‘Emoji Valley’ and entering the home screen of your phone. From there, they discover each app on the phone contains its own world with several adventures waiting for them inside.”

Call me crazy, but it sounds intriguing to me, and I’m not the only one who thinks that. Deadpool star T.J. Miller obviously believes in the project as well. He will be one of the major voices in the movie. The announcement was made yesterday in a tweet from Sony Animation.

They released the “audition tape” you see at the top of this page to promote the casting news. This move should make the haters calm down for a bit. Miller is a hilarious dude and he’s worked on successful animated projects in the past, including the Academy Award-winning film Big Hero 6.

The Emoji Movie: Express Yourself will hit theaters August 11, 2017.

T.J. Miller Lands Huge Role In Upcoming Steven Spielberg Project, Get The Details Inside!


If you don’t love T.J. Miller, there is a strong possibility you’re incapable of feeling love for anything or anyone. He’s one of the easiest stars to love in Hollywood. You might know him from Deadpool, and one of the funniest shows on television, Silicon Valley. Or maybe you know him from this impressive interview featuring dangerously spicy wings.

And if you don’t know him from any of those projects, maybe you’ll feel some excitement for his latest project. He has officially joined the cast of Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the sci-fi novel by Ernest Cline.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed Miller will play the role of “i-R0k,” an annoying troll in the online forums for the virtual world where most of the story takes places.

“The story is set in a virtual world called Oasis, in which a teenager (Sheridan) finds himself competing in a treasure hunt against ruthless foes after the reclusive and enigmatic founder (Rylance) of the game dies and offers his fortune as the grand prize.”

In addition to Miller, Mark Rylance, Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Cooke, Tye Sheridan and Simon Pegg are set to star in the film. Production is scheduled to begin in late June. They are currently shooting for a March 30, 2018 release date.

Come And Get It: The Red Band ‘Deadpool’ Trailer Has Arrived! (VIDEO)

Scheduled for a February 12, 2016 release date, Tim Miller’s Deadpool is one of the most anticipated films of 2016. Just how popular will this movie be? Well, it had one of the loudest panels at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. The first teaser trailer for the film delighted over 6000 fans, and now the rest of the world is getting their first look at the movie.

The hilarious red band trailer you see below features Marvel Comics’ most unusual anti-hero, Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. The talented writers behind Zombieland, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, wrote the screenplay for this movie, so you know there is a 99.9% chance it will be great.

T.J. Miller stars as Weasel, Morena Baccarin as Copycat, Gina Carano as Angel Dust, Ed Skrein as Ajax, and Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

As mentioned above, Deadpool will hit theaters in early 2016. You can check out the official plot synopsis and trailer below…

“Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.”


Movie Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Transformers Age of Extinction - Movie PosterIt was a high budget art film; shot by George Bush

2.5 Stars

The fourth sequel of the blockbuster series “Transformers” came out last Friday and quickly shot to the top of the charts, garnering nearly $100 million in its opening weekend. So it just hype, or is Transformers: Age of Extinction really that good?

We start off where we usually start off in a Transformers movie. The town has gone to crap and an evil new villain is planning on changing the course of history. Then, a cast of humans, lead by the ever foxy Marc Walberg teams up with Optimus Prime and the Autobots rise to save the world, yet again.

And it still takes them one hundred and sixty six minutes. Seriously, 2 and a half friggen hours of the same damn thing yet again. Because that’s what it really was. It was the same exact thing as the last three Transformer movers. The only thing changing is the cast.

Also, question. Was Michael Bay trying to make an art film? If not, what was with all the sun set shots? Transformers 4 kind of felt like it was a high budget art film; shot by George Bush. Over the top patriotism and American flags abound, because let’s not forget that America is the center of the universe…even when half the flipping movie is set in China.

I didn’t understand that at all. What did China have to do with anything? I’m serious, someone please explain to me why they went to China, because I totally missed that plot point.

Transformers Age of Extinction 3

I will say Mark Wahlberg was pretty great, but he’s always been great. I really haven’t seen that guy fail yet, even when he gets cast in a terrible movie. All the other players were entirely forgettable. I’m pretty sure they threw another hot girl in there, to play the spunky eye-candy heroine, but I really didn’t find her that memorable. She was no Megan Fox and I didn’t find her character that interesting. She did the whole ‘damsel in distress’ thing a few times and I really didn’t care if she made it or not.

Also, the Autobots, who were once buddy-buddy with the humans are now a threat and are being hunted by the government. Screw plot continuity, Michael Bay needs more conflict!

Of course, this did allow of the excellent addition of Kelsey Grammer as the CIA op in charge of hunting down the Autobots.


Transformers Age of Extinction 2

As if this pile of garbage wasn’t going to make a ton of money anyway, the makers decided to cram in as much product placement as humanly possibly. Everything from Bud Lite to Ford F150s make an appearance.

The movie really should have been called Transformers 4: Brought to You by Red Bull. I understand a little bit of product placement, but the placement I saw in this movie was astonishingly bad and obvious.


Apparently, Bay is threatening to produce two more of these atrocities. Yeah people, this is just the start of yet another trilogy. You know why he’s doing this, right? He needs to raise enough money to produce his own army of evil robots so he can take over the world.

Stop playing right into his hands!        Watch the Official Trailer Below:

[youtube id=”CKD5SNYUpUk” width=”633″ height=”356″]


Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

mst 29JUN2014 - 6Might be the best Animated Film of the Year

Star Ratings

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is currently performing at number 2 in the box office. DreamWorks has done it again, so expect them to remain on the top of the list for some time.

In How to Train Your Dragon 2 we meet up with the same characters several years after the first installment. The Vikings have changed and are now embracing their dragon residents, going as far as to give them their own specially constructed stable. Stoick (voice of Gerard Butler) is still running things, but he is attempting to convince son Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), to take over the roll of chief. Hiccup has no desire to lead and instead spends most of his time riding around on his dragon, Toothless, much to the frustration of his girlfriend Astrid (America Ferrera). At one point, Hiccup discovers a group of “dragon catchers”. He learns that a warlord by the name of Drago (Djimon Hounsou) is assembling an army of dragons. He attempts to work things out peacefully, but things don’t go as planned and he is waylaid by the fierce dragon rider Valka (Cate Blanchett).

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a bit darker than the original and really focuses on things like loyalty, family and taking responsibility. Carefree Hiccup is a great foil to his responsibility laden father Stoick. This time around, there isn’t really a feeling that everything is going to work out and you’re left wondering if there will be a happily ever after.

There are plenty of action scenes and those scenes are suspenseful and heart pounding. Fabulous animation makes this movie visually stunning and appealing to younger viewers and older viewers alike. While the 3D is well done, it feels unnecessary.

mst 29JUN2014 - 9

This movie doesn’t seem as well suited to younger viewers as the original was, considering that it contains both war and death, which is some pretty heavy subject matter for an under 12 audience.

The actors in this film really give great personalities to their characters and no one falls flat. Cate Blanchett was an excellent edition to the cast and seems to know her way around voicing a character. Butler and Baruchel both manage to keep their characters true to life and charismatic.

The movie has a socially conscious message, which is pretty rare for animated films. In a way it reminded me a bit of Fern Gully, which also had a heavy message portrayed in a light way. Sometimes it gets a bit too heavy and I wish they’d managed to keep this movie as light as the original, but that’s just me. Maybe the transition into a more dramatic movie was a necessary part of the character development.

mst 29JUN2014 - 7

In a year of disappointing sequels, How to Train Your Dragon 2 manages to outdo the original. I doubt the trend will continue when the inevitable 3rd installment comes out, but for now, I’m just enjoying the ride. DreamWorks has a winner in this film and will find an audience of fans in both young and old viewers. Aside from the Lego Movie, this movie might actually be the best animated movie to come out this year.  Watch the official trailer below:

[youtube id=”Z9a4PvzlqoQ” width=”633″ height=”356″]