Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer arrives and Silences the critics; at least for Now.



So the trailer for the new Star Wars movie finally hit the interweb and I have to say people are surprised.  Surprised and impressed.  From the start to the finish the trailer draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

The first character we see is an intense faced John Boyega.  Right then you tell yourself that Boyega is perfectly cast.  Not too big of a star and he is known already from his Sci-fi role in 2011 ‘Attack the Block’ and he is immediately believable.  We see him rockin the familiar Stormtrooper outfit and from that point on, all you can think of in your mind is, “It’s on”.

Then you see Daisy Ridley swoop in, and quickly it cuts over to Oscar Isaac piloting an X-wing leading  the other X-wings into formation, then the scene quickly flashes to what appears to be at least one of the films villains yielding a light saber.

OMG!  At this point you forget about Disney, you forget about all of your J.J. Abrams worries and your Star Wars senses are on overload.  You can’t handle anymore.  That’s when you see the Millennium Falcon swoop in and you hear the John Williams’’ classic Star Wars theme…….then your head explodes, or you applaud.  Or your head explodes while you are applauding.

For now the score is, Disney and JJ one, cynical doubting fans 0.  But this is just the first battle.  The scary part is there is so much more to come.   Enjoy the tease.


JJ Abrams Wraps Up Star Wars 7, Find Out What He Gave Every Member Of The Cast And Crew Inside


Director J.J. Abrams clearly enjoys working on extravagant films, and one might expect that his parting gifts to his cast and crew are just as lavish. With movies so impressive in size, you wouldn’t expect a personalized and thoughtful gift. We thought the fine folks working on Star Wars:  Episode VII might receive a sweet lightsaber for their hard work.

But that would just be too predictable. Instead of showering the cast and crew with expensive gifts, J.J. Abrams , producer Bryan Burk and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy sent the cast and crew a simple thank you note. There also appears to be a hat in the background, but they were probably handing those things out like candy. People always order too many hats. That’s why you always see some random dude walking around with a hat representing a company he never worked for.

You’ll ask him, “Hey, bro. Where did you get the hat?” And then he’ll be like, “Some dude forced it on me. He had this crazy look in his eyes. Said something about how the hats were taking over his life.

Anyway, check out the thoughtful letter J.J. Abrams sent the cast down below…


That’s definitely a letter you frame and show your grandchildren when you are older. The first trailer for the film is expected to be released next month, but that hasn’t been confirmed, so you may want to ask Santa for something else this year. The film won’t arrive in theaters until December 18, 2015.