The First Trailer For Big Lebowski Spinoff ‘The Jesus Rolls’ Has Arrived

Are you a fan of The Big Lebowski? Of course you are. How could you not be? If you’re not a fan, it’s probably because you haven’t watched the film, in which case…please correct that this weekend.

But for all you people who have watched the movie, you might have heard about an upcoming spinoff titled The Jesus Rolls, which focuses on John Turturro’s character.

Well, the first trailer for this movie has arrived, and it looks, uh, not great.

It’s worth noting that the Coen brothers had nothing to do with this spinoff. They simply gave Turturro permission to use the character.

Turturro wrote and directed this flick. This trailer is really just a teaser. It doesn’t show that much, but what it does show is not particularly inspiring.

In addition to Turturro, this movie co-stars Bobby Cannavale, Audrey Tautou and Jon Hamm. It’s scheduled to be released February 28, 2020.

Check out the trailer below…

Check Out The New Trailer For X-Men Spinoff ‘The New Mutants’

20th Century Fox is finally releasing the X-Men spinoff film ‘The New Mutants‘ after years of false starts.

Josh Boone is the director behind the film, which is being described as “an original horror-thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants are being held for psychiatric monitoring.”

Of course, they’ll have to join together and figure out how to get the hell out. Insiders say this flick leans more toward horror than the superhero genre.

That always gets me excited. I’m not a fan of your typical superhero flicks, but when they go out on a limb and make something a little different, that gets me excited.

New Mutants will hit theaters April 2, 2020. Unless it gets pushed back again, which given its history, could happen.

Check out the trailer below…

An ‘Easy A’ Spinoff Is In Development, Original Screenwriter Attached To Project

It’s been nearly ten years since Emma Stone had her breakout starring role in Easy A. The coming-of-age comedy was released in 2010 and earned positive reviews from critics. It was made on an $8 million budget and earned $75 million worldwide.

And now Screen Gems is trying to develop a spinoff. They’ve apparently called on Bert Royal to write the script. He was the screenwriter on the original film.

Insiders stress that the film is still in early development, as Royal is still in the process of writing the screenplay. After ‘Easy A’ became a breakout hit, the studio opted to task him with directing duties as well. The spinoff will mark Royal’s directorial debut. Zanne Devine is returning to executive produce.

Sources say this spinoff will be set at the same high school and will “explore many of the same themes as the original.”

Odd. I mean, I enjoyed the movie, but I’m not sure they did enough worldbuilding to warrant a spinoff. I haven’t been sitting here thinking, “Man, I wish they’d do more at that high school from Easy A”

If anything, it was Emma Stone’s performance that was memorable. She’s not going to be involved in this spinoff, so yeah…not sure how to feel about this.

Tessa Thompson Is Reportedly Joining Chris Hemsworth In The Upcoming ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff

The more we learn about this ‘Men in Black‘ spinoff, the more we like it. At first, we were a little disappointed that neither Will Smith nor Tommy Lee Jones would return, but we’re starting to get over that disappointment.

According to multiple reports, Tessa Thompson is joining her Thor: Ragnarok co-star Chris Hemsworth in Sony’s upcoming Men in Black reboot.

This is pretty huge news because they were both great in Thor and Hemsworth was one of the best parts of the recent Ghostbusters reboot, so we know his comedy game is strong.

Fate of the Furious‘ director F. Gary Gray is set to direct this reboot, which will feature brand new characters, similar to how Jurassic World revived the Jurassic Park franchise. You still keep the world that has already been created, but you also start over with new characters, so people aren’t directly comparing the two.

Currently, the studio has a release date of June 14, 2019, but that will likely change. Big movies like this often get delayed.

“Details are being kept hidden under a New York City ventilation tower, but sources say the new project is more of an ensemble piece than a two-hander and will be more global in scope.”

We will keep you posted.

Watch It Now: First Trailer For The Despicable Me Spinoff Film ‘Minions’ Has Been Released!


The trailer for Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me spin-off ‘Minions‘ has finally been released online. Folks at CinemaCon got the first look at this trailer back in March, but it’s just now making it’s debut online. The film follows the Minions back in time, where they eventually meet the first female supervillain, Scarlett Overkill, voiced by the wonderful Sandra Bullock.

Founder and CEO of Illumination Entertainment, Chris Meledandri, spoke with EmpireOnline earlier this year and explained the details behind the film.

“We start the Minions film at the dawn of time, when they’re Minion single-celled creatures and it takes us all the way up to the 1960s in London and New York. The Minions’ goal always has been to serve the biggest, baddest villain they can find. But over the years they’ve inadvertently ended up killing their own leader through happenstance.”

I must admit, when I first heard they were making this film, I figured they were just trying to squeeze every last coin they could from these little Minions. But after reading the plot and watching the trailer, I am actually excited to watch this movie.

You can catch it in a theater near you starting July 10, 2015.