Selena Gomez Horror-Thriller ‘Dollhouse’ Is Set To Be Directed By Emma Tammi

After spending some time behind the camera as a producer, Selena Gomez is ready to get in front of the camera once again.

She’s set to produce and star in the upcoming horror-thriller, Dollhouse. I don’t believe it’s “locked” that she’ll star, but she wants to, and she’s producing, so who is going to stop her?

The screenplay for this flick comes from Michael Paisley, and is said to be in the spirit of Black Swan. It’s set in the upper echelon of New York City’s fashion scene.

It was just announced this week that Emma Tammi has signed on to direct the project.

Tammi previously directed IFC Midnight’s horror-thriller The Wind as well as episodes of Hulu’s Into the Dark. She also directed all ten episodes of the audio podcast The Left Right Game starring Tessa Thompson, which was acquired in a competitive situation and is in development at Amazon.

She has been described as one of the brightest up-and-coming directors in the horror-thriller genre, so this should be a pretty huge deal for her. A chance to really make her name known.

Not exactly sure when production is scheduled to begin, but as always, we’ll keep you posted.

Selena Gomez Set To Star In Thriller ‘Spiral’ And It’s Being Produced By Drake

We all love a good psychological thriller, right? Well there might be a new one coming up.

It was just announced that Selena Gomez will star in the upcoming psychological thriller, Spiral. Petra Collins is set to direct. She’s a 28-year-old Canadian artist, who has directed a number of music videos, including one for Gomez.

Additionally, Drake is on board to exec produce with Matthew Budman and Sumaiya Kaveh producing through Forest Hill Entertainment.

The story follows a former influencer whose addiction to social media is causing her body to literally fall apart. Phoebe Fisher penned the most recent version with Collins and Melissa Broder penning a previous draft. Given the star power attached, this package should gain a ton of attention as it makes it way around town.

It sounds like an interesting idea, but also a dangerous one. Dangerous in the sense that it could easily go off the rails and turn almost comical.

No word on when production might begin, but we’re assuming sometime this year.

Gomez recently finished filming on the upcoming Hulu series, Only Murders in the Building. It’s set hit to hit the streaming service very soon.

Selena Gomez Set To Play Mountaineering Pioneer Silvia Vásquez-Lavado In Upcoming Film

People had been wondering what Selena Gomez would do next in her career. Would she put out another album? Star in another film? Stick to producing?

Well, she’ll probably try to do all three, but we know for sure that she will be starring in an upcoming film based on Silvia Vásquez-Lavado’s upcoming memoir, In the Shadow of the Mountain.

For those who don’t know, Vásquez-Lavado is the first gay woman to complete the Seven Summits, “the highest mountains (including Mount Everest) on each of the seven continents.”

Additionally, she’s also the founder of Courageous Girls, a nonprofit that helps survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking. Her memoir is expected to be released in 2022.

Gomez will produce In the Shadow of the Mountain through her July Moon Productions. Other producers are Scott Budnick through his One Community banner and Academy Award winner Donna Gigliotti through her Tempesta Films company. Vásquez-Lavado and Lara Love Hardin of Idea Architects are executive producing. Elgin James, the writer-director of ‘Little Birds,’ will pen and direct “In the Shadow of the Mountain.

No word on a potential release date, but we’re wondering if they’ll try to match it up with the memoir release. If so, don’t expect to see this film for another year or two.

Watch The First Trailer For ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Starring Bill Murray And Adam Driver

Did you watch the 2016 indie drama Paterson with Adam Driver? The film was a weird mess, but it was a lovely one. It received outstanding reviews from critics and showed off Driver’s incredible acting skills. The director of the film, Jim Jarmusch, is returning with another indie movie in 2019.

And just like Paterson, this film stars Adam Driver. But that’s where the similarities end, ’cause this movie, The Dead Don’t Die, is about local cops trying to fight off a zombie invasion.

In addition to Driver, this movie also stars Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Selena Gomez.

Driver and Murray star as local cops who must spring into action when a zombie outbreak begins affecting the town’s citizens. Jarmusch shot the movie in upstate New York, and Murray has gone on record saying the director has written a zombie script that’s so hilarious.

We believe Murray. Jarmusch is a wonderful filmmaker and with an impressive cast supporting him, I’m sure the finished project is filled with lots of laughs.

Check out the trailer below. It’s scheduled to hit theaters June 14, 2019.

Movie Review – Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – A Lot More Jokes That Hit The Right Notes than the Original


I did not expect to like Neighbors 2 as much as I did. I’ll admit I enjoyed the first one, but I never felt it needed a sequel. In this case though, the sequel might be better than the original.

The movie starts a few years after the last one. Mac and Kelly are pregnant again and are focusing on raising daughter Stella. In the college close to their neighborhood, new student Morgan has just come from a strict household and is ready to party. While pledging a sorority, she learns that only Fraternities can have parties and sororities are barred from throwing any kind of celebration in their house. Angered and frustrated, Morgan teams up with new pals Beth and Nora to form their own sorority off campus. Their sorority so happens to reside in the same house right next to Mac and Kelly.


I really liked how the sorority girls were portrayed in this movie. That’s a rare thing to say, because so few movies get it right, but this one does. They slip in a bit of social consciousness, making it a bit funnier and a bit smarter than the first. What I liked is the movie addressed inequality between the sexes without getting preachy about it.

Zac Efron returns, and not just as a walk on. Instead, he acts as Morgan’s party mentor, teaching her all the ins and outs of being a binge drinking, hard partying bro. At the same time, he’s dealing with his own issues, as he still has yet to grow up.  Morgan was also an enjoyable character, because she flouted how girls should act and didn’t apologize for it. She’s a bit more empathetic than Efron was in the original.

Lisa Kudrow, Kelsey Grammar and Dave Franco all had walk on cameos that didn’t feel superfluous, even though this movie was a clear cash grab. They made such a good choice in the cameos, using people with pitch perfect comedic timing, that it worked beautifully. For that, I’ll forgive the cash grab.


Neighbors 2 has a lot more jokes that hit the right notes than the original. Adding Chloe Grace Mortez to the cast rounded out the laughs, because the girl has a gift for blue humor. She’s probably the funniest, truest to life character I’ve seen in a comedy of this nature, which is really what makes Neighbors 2 work so much more.

That being said, Seth Rogan really didn’t do it for me in this movie. He kind of faded into the background and got less laughs than the other characters. I felt like there were so many missed opportunities for better jokes and one liners. Honestly, it felt like he ad-libbed his script, but then didn’t have anything funny to say.

This time around, you’ll have a hard time deciding who to root for. A more empathetic villain makes this movie a bit better the second time around, and it packed in a lot more laughs as well. All in all, this, and the original are worth the watch.

WE GAVE IT: 3.5 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

4 stars


[toggle title=”WATCH THE TRAILER”][youtube id=”ofY1NnQOw6M” width=”680″ height=”383″][/toggle]


Netflix And Amazon Are The Top Buyers At Sundance Film Festival, Find Out Which Film Sold For $10 Million


While most traditional distributors haven’t picked up anything coming out of the 11-day Sundance Film Festival, Netflix and Amazon have been extremely busy. Amazon is leading the way with four films and Netflix is not far behind with three.

And it looks like Amazon might have scored one of the most popular films at the festival. The Casey Affleck-led drama Manchester By the Sea sparked a passionate bidding war after its successful premiere at the festival this past weekend.

According to Deadline, the auction went on all night, and Amazon finally came out on top with a $10 million deal. Why was the streaming service willing to pay so much? Because the film has the potential to win some awards, which is why there are “plans for a traditional theatrical release with an awards season campaign.”

Matt Damon is a producer on the film, and he told USA Today that he cried every single time he read the script.

“Basically, it’s one of the best roles I’ve ever seen. Casey instantly took the role. Because he saw what we all saw. I never made it through this script without crying. … I wish I was in it, but I’m happy to be attached to it.”

Meanwhile, Netflix dropped a cool $7 million for the global streaming rights to “The Fundamentals of Caring,” which stars Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez and Craig Roberts. It’s based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Jonathan Evison.

Gomez promoted the movie heavily on her Instagram while filming was taking place early last year.


Selena Gomez Has Joined The Cast Of Neighbors 2, What Will Her Role Be?

No one saw this coming. Selena Gomez and everyone else involved in the making of Neighbors 2 should be celebrating. They managed to keep her role in the film a secret for a long time. We have known since April that Chloë Grace Moretz would be joining the Neighbors sequel. But no one knew Selena would also be joining the cast.

And we probably still wouldn’t know if she hadn’t been spotted on the set of the comedy. We don’t have any details on what her role in the film will be, but we’re willing to bet she will play a character similar to Dave Franco‘s character in the first movie. It’s expected that Chloë will be the leader of the group.

Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Dave Franco and Rose Byrne have all returned for the sequel, so it’s safe to say this movie is going to be filled with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. We don’t have an official plot description yet, but apparently the movie is going to be titled Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. You can make your own predictions from that.

The first film was a huge hit with almost $270 million in worldwide grosses. Nicholas Stoller has returned to direct this sequel. Sources say filming should be completed by the end of this month. The current release date is scheduled for May 20, 2016.