Watch The First Trailer For Billy Eichner’s Gay Rom-Com ‘Bros’

Billy Eichner is truly one-of-a-kind. His brand of humor is unique, and his Billy On The Street series is one of the greatest things to ever exist.

And now he’s taking his talents to the big screen with the upcoming gay rom-com, Bros. Billy wrote the film and stars in it as a character named Bobby Leiber: a highly successful gay man who tries to run away from love, only experiencing unfulfilling hookups through dating apps.

But then, it all changes when he meets a special someone, played by Luke Macfarlane. The movie is a major milestone as it is the first gay romantic comedy from a major studio featuring an entirely LGBTQ principal cast.

The movie was directed by Nicholas Stoller, and it should be a pretty big hit. Universal Studios released the film’s first trailer, so you can check it out below.

Bros will hit theaters September 30, 2022. In addition to Eichner and Macfarlane, the flick stars Bowen Yang, Jim Rash and Guillermo Diaz.

Meg Ryan Set To Direct And Star In Romantic Comedy ‘What Happens Later’

Meg Ryan is going back to her romantic comedy beginnings. The 60-year-old actress is set to direct and star alongside David Duchovny in a rom-com titled What Happens Later.

The film is reportedly based on the play ‘Shooting Star’ by playwright Steven Dietz, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Ryan and novelist Kirk Lynn.

The movie follows ex-lovers Willa (Ryan) and Bill (Duchovny) who are reunited for the first time since their split decades prior when they both find themselves snowed in, in-transit, at an airport overnight. Willa is still the wilful, independent spirit she once was, free of any ties, while the recently separated Bill is reassessing his life and his relationships with his estranged wife and daughter. All each of them wants is to get home but over the course of the night they find themselves at first reluctantly drawn together yet compelled to revisit their past, along with what could have been and what might well be again.

So it sounds like it’ll be in mostly one location, which makes sense considering this was originally a play.

This will be the second directorial credit for Ryan. She previously directed the 2015 film ‘Ithaca’ which did not perform well with critics. But hey, it was her first time directing.

Bleecker Street has already purchased U.S. rights and plans on releasing this project inside theaters. Production is set to begin in Arkansas later this year.

A release date will likely come in 2023.

Julia Roberts Explains Why She Hasn’t Done A Rom-Com In 20 Years

Julia Roberts became a household name thanks in large part to her performances in a string of romantic comedies in the ’90s, including Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

It’s been over 20 years since she’s starred in a rom-com, and many people believed that was because she was tired of them. She didn’t want to be known as the actress who could only do romantic comedies.

But according to Roberts, that’s not the case. She hasn’t been opposed to rom-coms all these years, she just hasn’t been offered a great one.

People sometimes misconstrue the amount of time that’s gone by that I haven’t done a romantic comedy as my not wanting to do one. If I had read something that I thought was that Notting Hill level of writing or My Best Friend’s Wedding level of madcap fun, I would do it.

She actually did find one recently that held up to her high standards, Ol Parker’s Ticket to Paradise. The movie, which is scheduled to be released in October of 2022, co-stars George Clooney.

And apparently, Clooney was the selling point for Roberts. She would only agree to star in the film if Clooney was her co-lead. Thankfully, the 60-year-old actor felt the same and the movie was made.

Roberts says she had a blast making the film…

The good news is yes. I love to laugh and be funny. You get into that mode of those endorphins going off when you’re clever and people going, ‘Oh!’ Then that becomes this automatic thing where you’re always thinking in terms of creating fun. It’s a joy to play in that sandbox. It has been a long time.

For those wondering, Ticket to Paradise follows a divorced couple who team up and travel to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they made 25 years ago.

Netflix Lands Rights To Upcoming YA Film ‘Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between’

Netflix is the young adult king. They love a good young adult romance based on a best-selling novel, and it looks like they just grabbed another one.

They’ve acquired global rights to Hello, Goodbye, And Everything in Between, which is an upcoming YA rom-com based on Jennifer E. Smith’s 2015 novel of the same name. Ace Entertainment will be producing the flick. They produced all three films in the ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before‘ franchise.

Michael Lewen will be making their feature directorial debut with the film, which centers on teens Claire and Aidan…

After making a pact that they would break up before college, they find themselves retracing the steps of their relationship on their last evening as a couple. The epic date leads them to familiar landmarks and unexpected places, and causes them to question whether high school love is meant to last.

Jordan Fisher, Talia Ryder, Ayo Edebiri and Nico Hiraga are set to star in the movie, which is expected to be released this summer.

It should be another solid addition to Netflix’s impressive YA playlist.