Robert Redford’s Upcoming Film Will Be His Last, Actor Announces His Retirement

It looks like Robert Redford’s new film ‘The Old Man & The Gun‘ will be his last. The 81-year-old actor (82 later this month) told Entertainment Weekly that he’s retiring from acting.

And who can really blame him? As he mentions in the article, he’s been doing this since he was 21-years-old…

“Never say never, but I pretty well concluded that this would be it for me in terms of acting, and (I’ll) move towards retirement after this ’cause I’ve been doing it since I was 21. I thought, Well, that’s enough. And why not go out with something that’s very upbeat and positive?”

Speaking of his final film, Redford plays Forrest Tucker, a real-life career convict, who reportedly claimed he was better at escaping than Houdini. Redford’s co-stars include Sissy Spacek, Elisabeth Moss, Casey Affleck and Danny Glover. The film is expected to hit theaters September 28, 2018.

So yeah, make sure you watch this movie because it’ll probably be Redford’s last. The reporter did ask him if he would consider directing a film. He appeared to be on the fence about it, and simply said, “We’ll see about that.”

If he’s done with acting, I’d imagine he’s finished with directing. I’m pretty sure directors work harder/longer hours than actors, so I can’t imagine Redford wanting to put all that energy into another film.

The Discovery: The Full Trailer For The Netflix Film About The Afterlife Has Been Released, Watch It Inside! (VIDEO)

Back in January we shared the first trailer for The Discovery, which stars Jason Segel, Rooney Mara and Robert Redford. We were pretty excited about the film then, and we are even more excited now after watching the latest trailer.

The first trailer featured only one line of dialogue, but this new trailer gives a better look at the characters, especially Redford’s character.

Charlie McDowell is the director/co-writer behind this movie, and that should get you super excited, because as we mentioned in the previous article, he’s the mastermind behind the 2014 film, The One I Love.

The Discovery will start streaming on Netflix on March 31. You can check out the synopsis and trailer below…

“Soon after the existence of the afterlife has been scientifically proven, the son (Jason Segel) of the man (Robert Redford) who made the discovery falls in love with a woman (Rooney Mara) with a tragic past.”

First Trailer For ‘The Discovery’ Has Been Released, Watch Jason Segel And Rooney Mara Deal With The Afterlife (VIDEO)

You probably haven’t heard much about this movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your attention now. The Discovery was directed by Charlie McDowell, and that’s an important detail because McDowell directed the beautiful 2014 mystery film, The One I Love.

His new film is a sci-fi romance starring Jason Segel, Rooney Mara and Robert Redford. According to the description from Entertainment Weekly, the movie takes place in a world where the afterlife has been confirmed.

“The hereafter has been empirically confirmed and people have begun dying by suicide as a result. Redford plays the scientist responsible for the titular discovery, Segel portrays his son Will, and Mara is Ilsa, a woman with a tragic past whom Will falls for.”

It sounds like it has potential and I’m a big Jason Segel fan, so I’m pretty excited for this one. The trailer below only features one line of dialogue. The trailer’s rhythm comes from the music of Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely.”

The Discovery will premiere on Friday at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s scheduled for a March 31 release on Netflix.

Movie Review: Captain America – The Winter Soldier (2014)

winter sodier 1Overproduced, Lengthy but Definitely Watchable
3.5 stars
The much anticipated sequel to the first Captain America movie is pleasing critics and killing at the box office. So is the movie living up to its hype? Let’s find out.

The movie starts out after Steve Rogers gets ‘defrosted’ after getting put into a cryogenic sleep following Captain America 1. Not only does Captain America have to fight the bad guys, he also needs to adjust to a new millennium world. It’s action with a bit of ‘fish out of water’ thrown in.

Honestly, I felt this movie was a bit overwhelming. Expect cyber snooping, wiki leaks, bad guys, explosions, Mexican stand offs and more.

You remember back in the 90s, where those overproduced Japanese cartoons used to give kids seizures? I felt a bit like that was going to happen to me. There were too many story lines, too many characters and too many chicks wearing leather.

Which is why I’m sure 14 year old boys will love this movie.

winter soldier 3

I will admit, of all the Marvel heroes, Captain America was never really my favorite. I like my graphic novels with a bit more grit. Captain America was always too goody-goody Boyscout for my taste.

But Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), makes up for all of the Captain’s saccharine sweetness by being bad ass and wearing an eye patch. I would watch a movie just about him if given the option.

The movie is well done, if a bit over produced. The storyline flows, though again, is just a bit too involved. None of the plot points feel contrived, which seems to happen on a regular basis in graphic novel adaptations.

winter soldier 4

winter soldier 2

In this case, I think the sequel might actually be better than the original. If the ending is any indication, we are already getting set up for a sequel, so I guess I better learn to like Captain America.

One of my major complaints is that the running time was insane and not fully justified. Two hours and 16 minutes is fine if you’re covering a drama like Schindler’s List. It’s not ok when you’re being subjected to heart pounding action. You will be exhausted at the end of the movie. A lot of completely unnecessary scenes could have been left out. For example, I really didn’t need to watch Rogers jog around to a Marvin Gaye record for 20 minutes to realize that he was overwhelmed by the changes in they world.

If over long, and a bit convoluted, it is still a watchable movie. The effects are better than the first, and have an almost cartoonish air, which fits the film. The style reminded me a bit of a less gritty Sin City. Captain America; The Winter Soldier is another entertaining stab at the franchise and is sure to peak interest in the Avengers sequel coming this summer. If you have 2 hours and 16 minutes on your hands, and you’re not prone to seizures, be sure to check it out.  Watch the official trailer below.

[youtube id=”82RKQPgeYRs” width=”633″ height=”356″]