Kristen Bell Comedy ‘Queenpins’ Lands Huge $20 Million Deal With Paramount+

We’ve told you about the upcoming comedy ‘Queenpins‘ before, mainly to fill you in on the impressive cast, which includes Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn, Joel McHale, Paul Walter Hauser and Bebe Rexha.

The movie was inspired by a true story and follows a suburban housewife played by Bell, who is fed up with being dismissed and overlooked by her husband and society.

She decides to take back control of her life by starting an illegal coupon club. Her creation ends up scamming millions of dollars from big food companies while delivering deals to millions of fellow coupon clippers.

The fact that this is based on a true story, or “inspired” by one, makes me want to watch it even more. I love the idea of some small-town housewife sticking it to the man.

Anyway, the film recently sold to Paramount+ and Showtime in a pretty intense bidding war. The deal is reportedly worth $20 million, which ain’t so bad considering the budget was considerably less than that.

STXfilms will first distribute the film theatrically, and distribute international through its global partners and finish international sales at the upcoming Cannes Market.

Not entirely sure when it’s supposed to be released, but we’ll keep you posted. Maybe a trailer will drop soon.

Vince Vaughn And Paul Walter Hauser Join Kristen Bell And Leslie Jones In Coupon Counterfeit Comedy

The cast for the upcoming comedy ‘Queenpins’ just got even stronger this week. It was announced that Vince Vaughn and Paul Walter Hauser will be joining the project, which already has Kristen Bell and Leslie Jones.

The movie is ~inspired~ by the true story of the largest coupon counterfeit scheme in the history of the United States.

The logline reads:

When two suburban housewives stumble upon a way to make a little money with fake coupons, they soon find themselves in over their heads as their scheme grows to a $40M criminal venture.

It certainly sounds like there is the potential for lots of comedy to take place. I really hope Vaughn is playing one of the housewives’ husbands in the movie, ’cause I can see him losing his sh*t over this.

He has the best, “Are you f**king serious?” face in comedy.

Production is expected to begin in Los Angeles later this year. No word on a potential release date.