Movie Review: Planes: Fire and Rescue – Finally Nice to see Dane Cook Succeed in a Movie

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Yup, Disney is still cashing in on the talking vehicle idea. That’s what I thought when I saw Planes: Fire and Rescue, the sequel to Planes, which as actually an attempt to cash in on the success of Cars. Honestly, we know it’s going to make money, if only for kids dragging their parents out of the house to see it. But is it a good enough movie that parents will want to see it on their own? That might be pushing it.
The film starts where the last one ended. After agricultural aerialist Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) succeeded in his goal of being a racing plane (is that really a thing?) he is suffering some serious wear and tear on his gear box. With his racing days behind him Dusty joins Blade Ranger (voiced by Ed Harris) at a national park’s airborne fire brigade.
First, the 3D was 1000% unnecessary and seemed like it was only an excuse to charge more. I actually didn’t see any 3D in the alleged 3D movie, but maybe something is wrong with my eyes.

The voice actors were talented and knew how to bring their characters to life. I’m a Dane Cook fan, but even people who aren’t will agree he plays one heck of an airplane. He has the ability to express over the top, cartoony emotions with his voice in order to keep his character fun and engaging, without going patronizing.

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The dialog is filled with groan worthy puns and seems strictly focused on the under 10 crowd. While Cars might have been along the same line, for some reason, in Cars the dialog was better and the movie was just plan funnier. The premise is a bit ridiculous, but heck, they’re talking planes. I was hardly expecting Shakespeare.

Will adults want to see this one if they don’t have kids? Only if the theater is giving out free beer. This is strictly a ‘your kids dragged you to it’ movie. I highly doubt anyone is going to show up to watch it who hasn’t been dragged in by someone under 10.

On the upside, it’s nice to see Dane Cook actually succeed in a movie. Apparently, people like him more when they can’t see his face. This movie is a pretty obvious cash grab, and I see Disney cashing in on what they started with Cars for years to come. I’m pretty sure we’ll see busses, trucks, motorcycles and subways all get their own movies.

On the upside, for an obvious cash grab, it’s not a terrible movie. It’s not as bad as say, watching Barney. It has its clever moments and its cute moments and kids will absolutely love it.

The animation is good. The characters are clever (including a retired RV) and the puns are silly. It’s not high arts, it’s not even as good as some of the other kids films out right now, but it’s not impossible to watch. If you have someone under 10 in your household, chances are, you’ll be dragged out to see it but it’s still a halfway decent watch.

WE GAVE IT: 3 Stars: Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below



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