Director Patty Jenkins Confirms That Kristen Wiig Will Join ‘Wonder Woman 2’ As New Villain

Kristen Wiig is moving on up in Hollywood. She’s traveled from Saturday Night Live sketches, to blockbuster comedies, to indie dramas, to comic book blockbuster.

Wonder Woman‘ director Patty Jenkins confirmed on Friday that Wiig will be joining ‘Wonder Woman 2‘ as a new villain called Cheetah. She posted the exciting information to her Twitter account…



So who is this Cheetah character? Well, I have no idea, ’cause I know nothing about the comic book universe, but I’ll share this snippet from Entertainment Weekly

“Cheetah is one of Diana’s most famous adversaries. If the name didn’t tip you off, she assumes a feline appearance, typically with cheetah-esque spots, tail, and ferocious claws to match. She also maintains feline agility and strength. Unlike Catwoman, Cheetah is an actual cat woman. She has appeared across DC’s comic books, animated TV series, and animated movies.”

Okay then. Sounds interesting, I suppose. This Wonder Woman sequel will hit theaters November 1, 2019, and you can bet the studio is hoping it’ll pull another $800 million worldwide.