The Trailer For ‘IT’ Has Already Been Hit With Multiple Parodies, Check Out Our Favorite Inside: Cat in The Hat Edition!

The trailer for Stephen King’sIT‘ was released last week and it scared millions of people, mostly because clowns are freaking terrifying. It’s easy to scare people with a clown.

But what happens when you take the clown out of the trailer and replace him with Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat? Well, surprisingly…it’s even more creepy.

The fan-made parody trailer you see below replaces the shots of Pennywise with the lovable(?) Dr. Seuss character.

It makes sense. When the 2003 live-action film was released, many people pointed out how creepy Myers’ Cat in the Hat was. I remember having nightmares for at least a week after watching the movie, and now those nightmares will probably return.

By the way, the original trailer for ‘IT’ broke all kinds of records. It got nearly 200 million views in just 24 hours, which smashes the record (139 million) that was previously held by the first Fate of the Furious trailer.

IT will be released at a theater near you September 8, 2017.

SNL Does Hilarious Parody Of Independent Short Films Shown At Festivals, Watch The Clip Inside!

We make fun of big Hollywood sequels all the time on this site, and we will continue to do that. But we also like to keep things fair.

Independent filmmakers can jump the shark as well. Plot matters. You can’t just film two dumpsters talking about The Smiths for 10 minutes and call it art.

Saturday Night Live created a pretty hilarious parody of the independent short film with a little help from their guest host, Emily Blunt.

You got the black and white shots, French subtitles, obscure ending…it’s all there, folks. Check it out below. SNL is on fire this year.

Ryan Gosling Lookalike Makes A Hilarious Trailer For ‘Drive’ Sequel, Featuring Him As An Uber Driver (VIDEO)


You might have read that title and thought, “Oh, great. Another parody trailer,” and we understand your exhaustion. Here lately, it seems like YouTube has been filled with these things, but this one is a little different.

Instead of making a parody for a movie we’ve already seen, Joey Thompson decided to create a trailer for a sequel we’ll sadly never see inside theaters: Drive 2: The Uber Years. The vlogger/comedian/Ryan Gosling lookalike produced an extremely entertaining parody sequel to the 2011 film, Drive.

Unfortunately, it looks like the video is “too real” for some people. I was reading some of the comments, and I counted at least five former Uber drivers who were experiencing horrific flashbacks to their driving days.

Check it out below. It’s worth the 4 minutes. You can click here to watch the original Drive trailer.


Hilarious ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Spoof Trailer Replaces Christian Grey With Steve Buscemi


Are you exhausted with the discussions surrounding the erotic drama Fifty Shades of Grey? We are right there with you. We all know this film is going to be a huge hit, and that apparently has some people raging. Film snobs hate the movie, religious people hate the book, and some people hate it because they feel it promotes domestic abuse.

We are not here to talk about any of that. We are here to bring the lovers and haters together. The fine folks working the Boo Ya Pictures YouTube channel have created one of the best recut movie trailers we have ever seen.

They replaced the hideous Jamie Dornan with the stunning Steve Buscemi. It’s truly magical. Check it out down below, and be sure to watch the full video. It progressively gets more hilarious.