Focus Features Set To Release Paul Schrader’s Revenge Thriller ‘The Card Counter’ This Fall

Paul Schrader is one of Hollywood’s most respected filmmakers. It would take forever to list out all the great films he’s been involved in making, but most recently, he directed/wrote the lovely film First Reformed. The film won multiple awards and was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Oscars.

And now, he’s ready to have similar success with his upcoming revenge thriller, The Card Counter.

The flick stars Oscar Isaac as a dude who just wants to play some cards.

His spartan existence on the casino trail is shattered when he is approached by Cirk (Tye Sheridan), a vulnerable and angry young man seeking help to execute his plan for revenge on a military colonel (Willem Dafoe). Tell sees a chance at redemption through his relationship with Cirk. But keeping Cirk on the straight-and-narrow proves impossible, dragging Tell back into the darkness of his past.

Tiffany Haddish also co-stars in the movie, proving she’s more than just a comedian trying out acting.

Focus Features announced this week that they plan to release the movie on September 10.

This means a trailer will likely be coming within the next couple months. We’ll keep you posted.

Oscar Isaac Set To star In Sony’s ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Adaptation

The Metal Gear video game franchise has been around since the 80s, but it really gained popularity in 98/99 with the release of ‘Metal Gear Solid‘ on the Playstation.

The video game follows Snake, a solider who infiltrates a nuclear weapons site to neutralize the terrorist threat from a renegade special forces unit.

And now, Hollywood wants to make a film out of it. According to the latest report, Oscar Isaac has signed on to star as Solid Snake in the movie.

The movie is currently in development and Jordan Vogt-Roberts is attached to direct. He previously directed the 2017 film, Kong: Skull Island.

Given Isaac’s extremely busy schedule, a production start date is still unknown but his involvement makes this property a high priority for the studio going forward. As for Isaac, Metal Gear Solid could give him another major franchise having already starred in the most recent Star Wars franchise.

Many people have praised the video game for being cinematic in its storytelling, so perhaps this will be one of those rare video game adaptations that actually make sense.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released.

Oscar Isaac To Star In Paul Schrader’s Next Film ‘The Card Counter’

Paul Schrader and Oscar Isaac are teaming up for a revenge thriller titled The Card Counter.

The film, which will be written and directed by the Oscar-winning filmmaker, stars Isaac as a gambler/former serviceman who sets out “to reform a young man seeking revenge on a mutual enemy from their past.”

HanWay Films has purchased international sales rights.

Braxton Pope, who previously worked with Schrader on ‘The Canyons,’ is producing the film together with Lauren Mann. William Olsson and David Wulf will executive produce.

The Card Counter also reunites the filmmaker with cinematographer Alexander Dynan and editor Benjamin Rodriguez Jr., who all worked together on ‘First Reformed.’ Principal photography is scheduled to begin early next year.

This is a pretty great team. Schrader is obviously one of the best living filmmakers out there and Isaac is an incredibly talented actor. It’ll be fun to see them partner up.

In the meantime, you can check out Isaac in the upcoming Star Wars film this December.

Watch New Trailer For ‘Life Itself’ Starring Oscar Isaac And Olivia Wilde

If you’re one of those people who cried while watching every single episode of ‘This Is Us‘, then THIS is probably the movie for you.

Life Itself‘ is directed/written by Dan Fogelman, the creator of This Is Us, and the writer of ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love,’ which I think is more important. That movie was great.

Anyway, this will be Fogelman’s second directorial effort, and he’s sticking with what he knows…romance, drama and little sprinkles of comedy. Life Itself stars Olivia Wilde and Oscar Isaac “in a grand romance that spans decades and continents.”

Deadline gives us more details…

“The story follows a New York couple that goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child. The movie follows the unexpected twists of their journey and how they create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes.”

In addition to Isaac and Wilde, you’ll also find Olivia Cooke, Annette Bening and Mandy Patinkin.

It’s scheduled to hit theaters September 21, 2018. Check out the trailer below…

‘This Is Us’ Creator Dan Fogelman Releases Trailer For His New Drama ‘Life Itself’

I haven’t watched a full episode of This Is Us. I tried watching the first episode, but I stopped 20 minutes in. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ve never been attracted to film/tv shows that try too hard to be emotional. When the entire cast is like, “OMG THIS EPISODE IS GOING TO DESTROY YOU!” I check out because it doesn’t feel genuine.

But if you are a fan of the series, then we have some good news for you. The creator of the show, Dan Fogelman, has been busy directing a film titled Life Itself, and the first trailer was released this week.

The movie stars Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde in a “multi-generational love story that spans decades, not unlike This Is Us,” so it’s safe to say he has developed the right audience for this film.

There is a chance I’ll enjoy this movie. After all, Fogelman did write ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love‘ and I absolutely love that movie. You can check out the first trailer for Life Itself below. It will hit theaters September 21, 2018.

The Director Behind ‘Ex Machina’ Is Back, Watch The First Trailer For ‘Annihilation’

Ex Machina was one of my favorite films released in 2015. It was smart, creepy, entertaining and even humorous at times. The clip you see above is still my favorite scene from the movie.

Alex Garland wrote and directed the movie, and now he’s back with his next project, Annihilation. The film, which is based on Jeff VanderMeer’s book of the same name, stars Natalie Portman as a scientist leading a taskforce into the aftermath of an environmental disaster, to locate the creature that caused it, and to hopefully rescue her husband, played by Oscar Isaac.

Everyone is really excited about this movie, and it’s all because Garland created one of the best sci-fi movies in recent history with Ex Machina. Can he do it again with Annihilation? We’ll find out soon enough. The trailer certainly looks promising.

In addition to Portman and Isaac, this movie also stars Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson. It’ll hit theaters Feb. 23, 2018.

Watch Matt Damon Star In The Full Trailer For The George Clooney Directed Flick ‘Suburbicon’

George Clooney is best known for his acting roles, but he’s also a talented filmmaker. He directed and wrote the 2014 movie The Monuments Men, and he also wrote/directed The Ides of March starring Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti.

But this film is special because it will be the first movie Clooney directed that he did not also star in. He is staying behind the camera for this one.

Suburbicon stars Matt Damon as Gardner, a man who is forced to dive into his town’s dark side to deal with mobsters after his wife is murdered over an unspecified debt.

And it only gets darker from there:

“He’s punched in the face by a mobster and reaches the breaking point after they go after his son. Damon’s character then murders someone in the street in the middle of the night, but is later confronted by Oscar Isaac’s mobster character, who tells him, ‘I could have you killed in no time.'”

The dark comedy will hit theaters October 27, 2017. In addition to Damon and Isaac, Julianne Moore and Megan Ferguson co-star in the film.

The Dream Team: Oscar Isaac Will Be Working With ‘Ex Machina’ Director On His New Sci-Fi Thriller!


Reunited and it feels so good. Writer/director Alex Garland officially introduced himself to the world last year with his Oscar-winning film Ex Machina. It was one of my favorite films of 2015, and if you enjoy watching great movies, it was probably one of yours as well.

Garland’s next project, Annihilation, adapted from a novel written by Jeff VanderMeer, already had a wonderful cast with Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh set to star.

But now you can add one more huge name to the list. The Tracking Board is reporting that Oscar Isaac will once again be teaming up with Garland.

They also shared some plot details…

“The story centers around a biologist (Portman) who, in seeking answers to her husband’s tragic disappearance volunteers for a government expedition into an area sealed off as an environmental disaster zone. What she discovers, however, is pristine wilderness, and a mysterious dark force within it.”

Okay, I’m down. When can I buy tickets? Oh, right…they have to actually shoot the movie. According to the report, filming is not too far away. Production is scheduled to start in London later this spring.

We’re probably looking at a 2017 release date, but we’ll let you know more information once it becomes available.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer arrives and Silences the critics; at least for Now.



So the trailer for the new Star Wars movie finally hit the interweb and I have to say people are surprised.  Surprised and impressed.  From the start to the finish the trailer draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

The first character we see is an intense faced John Boyega.  Right then you tell yourself that Boyega is perfectly cast.  Not too big of a star and he is known already from his Sci-fi role in 2011 ‘Attack the Block’ and he is immediately believable.  We see him rockin the familiar Stormtrooper outfit and from that point on, all you can think of in your mind is, “It’s on”.

Then you see Daisy Ridley swoop in, and quickly it cuts over to Oscar Isaac piloting an X-wing leading  the other X-wings into formation, then the scene quickly flashes to what appears to be at least one of the films villains yielding a light saber.

OMG!  At this point you forget about Disney, you forget about all of your J.J. Abrams worries and your Star Wars senses are on overload.  You can’t handle anymore.  That’s when you see the Millennium Falcon swoop in and you hear the John Williams’’ classic Star Wars theme…….then your head explodes, or you applaud.  Or your head explodes while you are applauding.

For now the score is, Disney and JJ one, cynical doubting fans 0.  But this is just the first battle.  The scary part is there is so much more to come.   Enjoy the tease.