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May 16, 2018 - 0 Comments

Tom Cruise is 55-years-old. Just think about that for a minute. In five years, Tom Freakin’ Cruise will be 60-years-old. If that doesn’t make you feel old, then I don’t know what will. But you...

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March 20, 2017 - 0 Comments

Tom Cruise loves to do his own stunts. We all know this. He’s performed some incredibly dangerous stunts while working on the Mission: Impossible franchise. In Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, Cruise was hanging from the...

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March 17, 2017 - 0 Comments

Yes. They are making another Mission: Impossible movie, because no mission is impossible for Hollywood, except of course to go out on a limb and make something original. That seems to be impossible. But enough...

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November 9, 2016 - 0 Comments

Did you want Donald Trump to be your next president? Did you want a Mission: Impossible 6? NO? YOU DIDN’T? WELL IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE MONEY RULES EVERY FREAKING THING. Just like...

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